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A Complete Guide to Buying Men's Watches

February 4th, 2020

Complete Guide to Buying Men's Watches

Mechanical Watches

It's all about the movement! Perhaps one of the biggest distinctions between luxury watches is their style of movement. Picking the right one for you is a great starting point when shopping for watches. From there you can decide which specific style you prefer. Let's start with mechanical watches, which move through a mainspring. This coiled wire of metal is wound by hand, and it slowly unwinds for an even sweeping motion. The hands move smoothly around the face of the clock in a timeless, traditional way. Mechanical watches are great if you don't want to deal with changing batteries in your watch or hearing the repetitive tick of other varieties. Although mechanical watches require the wearer to wind it up regularly, there's a lot of people who enjoy that small ritual and routine. It can be satisfying to set your watch up and admire the unmistakable quality of this classic piece of jewelry.

Automatic Watches

Alternatively, you can also look at automatic watches when it's time to add a luxury timepiece to your collection. The main difference between automatic and mechanical watches is that automatic has a mainspring with gears to move the hands around, but you don't need to hand-wind the watch regularly. A mechanical watch needs to be winded by hand, while an automatic watch does it all by itself! You may have also heard automatic watches referred to as "self-winding." There's still plenty of charming character in these watches, and you can find dressy, field, and dive watches in automatic format. Although there are so many gorgeous automatic watches out there, it's important to remember that the compelling craftsmanship and excellent engineering of automatic watches make them pricier. Any automatic aficionados agree that this is money well spent on a lovely luxurious watch that can be worn for years to come. That stylish smooth movement is well worn by men of all ages.

Quartz Watches

When browsing watches for yourself or someone you love, quartz is definitely worth some consideration. As one of the most affordable and accurate watches known to man, quartz watches are very common and cherished by many watch wearers of all walks of life. Rather than a wound mainspring, quartz watches rely on electricity from a tiny battery to keep the watch's hands moving. Keep in mind that quartz watches will have that trademark "tick tick tick" movement and sound, so they aren't quite as smooth as mechanical or automatic ones. Even so, many people appreciate how spot-on quartz watches are at telling the time. Other than changing the battery about once every year, there's not much maintenance required for quartz watches. Plus, quartz watches are known to be especially durable, making them suitable for those who do a lot of hands-on work or outdoor adventures.

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