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Emerald Cut Rings

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Characteristics of Emerald Cut Rings

For those who love and appreciate the clarity of a diamond, there is no better choice than an emerald cut ring. This rectangular cut has lengthened facets that draw the eye to the larger side in the center. As light reflects off of this dazzling diamond, it exhibits a fascinating and spectacular display. This also shows off the clarity of the jewel in ways few other cuts can, so stones with high GIA ratings will look better with this cut. Emerald cuts are inherently unique as only around 3% of diamonds are cut in this shape.

Popular Emerald Cut Collections

Stuller is a legendary designer that is known for manufacturing materials as well as creating beautiful jewelry. The Accented collection contains exquisite pieces that exhibit the true luxury of an emerald cut ring. One ring uses not one, not two, but three emerald cut diamonds to provide a uniquely chic piece with a modern design. The Floral collection evokes natural imagery, such as intertwining vine-like metalwork with diamond accents for a truly enchanting piece. For those who love luxury, the Three Stones collection has a dazzling approach to three-jewel settings. In some pieces, the center stone is surrounded by an opulent diamond halo, as well as two companions on the shank. Continuing that trend is a band set with even more diamonds in a pavé setting.

Renowned designer Michael M creates unique pieces that are both sophisticated and spectacular. The Crown collection presents mesmerizing emerald cut diamonds with sidestone settings. This vintage-inspired collection exhibits modern accents that protect the gem with a secure prong. The pavé setting adds further brilliance to the ring. For a slightly more minimalist taste, the Bold has absolutely radiant rings. They surround the center stone with a tasteful halo but refuse to detract from the band’s metalwork with a more simplistic, modern design. Taking it a step further is the Monaco collection that features rings with multiple pavé settings and diamond accents.

Why Shop Emerald Cut Rings at Azzi Jewelers?

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