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Wedding Bands


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Wedding Bands

Let your love speak without words with your choice of wedding band. For centuries, couples have worn rings to indicate their lifelong commitment to their true love. The wedding band is the perfect symbol of the bond of devotion and affection in a marriage. A traditional wedding band is defined by elegance, simplicity, and eye-catching beauty. While women’s wedding bands are often found in gold featuring diamonds in different intoxicating patterns, men may be interested in a style made from a non-traditional metal like durable tungsten. The search for the perfect wedding band is as individual as each relationship, but the distinctive options available today are sure to please.

Wedding Bands

At Azzi Jewelers, there is a generous array of the highest-quality collections of wedding bands to choose from for men and women. Zeghani has offered brides handcrafted wedding jewelry with a unique artistic flair since 2008. Every Zeghani piece, including the stunning Delicate Diva collection and the one-of-a-kind Nature Lover line, is created with a particular kind of personality in mind. Designer A.JAFFE offers exceptionally crafted pieces with hand-selected diamonds in every wedding band. The luxurious Season of Love collection has dreamy interlocking bands in an infinity silhouette. The Los Angeles-based designer Michael M brings sophisticated, Old Hollywood romance to every design, particularly in the intricate metalwork of the Princess Collection.

Wedding Bands

Of course, discerning gentlemen deserve their own unique wedding bands. Triton wedding bands are the absolute authority in contemporary metalwork forged to last. Leading industry innovations for over 30 years, they employ a secret technique to ensure their rings shine bright under demanding conditions. The ruggedly handsome collections feature sleek wedding bands in alternative metals for a groom who wants his ring to be as durable and enduring as his love. The design house ArtCarved, founded over one hundred years ago, is committed to balancing incredible jewelry design with environmentally conscious materials and sourcing. The bold, handsome collections boast intricate, sinewy elements and hand-crafted metalwork, perfect for a striking and daring groom.

Wedding Bands

Azzi Jewelers is the premiere resource in Lansing for luxury jewelry and timepieces. Azzi is synonymous with quality, extravagance, and excellence. When you shop with Azzi Jewelers, you are not just a customer. You are joining a family. Azzi Jewelers offers high-end jewelry brands including Shinola, A.JAFFE, and Michael M, while also providing custom designs for one-of-a-kind pieces in addition to their in-house line of wedding jewelry. From Okemos to Dimondale, Azzi Jewelers has stood the test of time and they are proud of their roots in the Michigan community. Contact the shop today at 517-332-7900.