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Top Tissot Watches for Men by Azzi Jewelers

July 16th, 2019

Top Tissot Watches for Men

Since 1853, Tissot has been producing some of the best watches on the market. A luxury Swiss watch company, Tissot created the first mass-produced pocket watch, and they've continued to be at the cutting-edge among watchmakers ever since. They're perhaps most well-known for being the official timekeeper for world championships, which includes cycling, fencing, and ice hockey. As innovators, they were one of the first companies to use stone, mother-of-pearl, and wood for watches. Tissot watches are renowned for precise timekeeping, while displaying a beautiful, sophisticated, and classic appearance.

Tissot Tradition

The Tissot Tradition series of watches offer a hint of nostalgia, but they still manage to update the enduring design for the modern world. The men's watches feature a three-hand mechanism. As you'd expect from Tissot's attention to quality and exquisite design, the Tradition watches provide high-tech operation, yet still deliver classic details and have a vintage look with subtle finishes. The balance of contemporary and timeless isn't easy to manage, but Tissot accomplishes it with apparent ease.

Classic Dream

It might be odd to call a watch inspirational, but that's precisely what Tissot has managed to craft with their Classic Dream watches. Featuring hands shaped like rising stars, it's not difficult to appreciate what the brilliant designers at Tissot were trying to create. The iconic look of the Classic Dream brings you an everlasting appeal and touch of sophistication. If you want a watch that's more than simply an accurate and reliable timepiece, the Classic Dream has an eye-catching style that's sure to keep you entranced, especially with its number of variations.

PR 100

Being a best seller isn't a criticism. It's easy to be critical of popular styles and brands, but typically anything embraced so widely has become popular for a reason. This is definitely true with Tissot's PR 100. One of Tissot's best sellers and what many consider to be Tissot's signature style, the PR 100 isn't to be underestimated or overlooked. The classically clean lines, rounded edges, and seriously smooth characteristics of the PR 100 are endlessly captivating yet surprisingly understated. With its classic elegance and universal appeal, the PR 100 belongs in the collection of any serious watch collector, and it's a fantastic entry point into the world of luxury watches for new or aspiring enthusiasts.

Tissot watches Savonette pocket watch by Azzi Jewelers


Did you fall in love with your father's or grandfather's watch? Is that what lit the fire of your passion? For many people, this is precisely where their love for watches originates. The Carson brings this nostalgia front and center, while slightly updating it with some more modern touches. The three-hand mechanism, Roman dial, precise quartz movements, and leather strap may not be groundbreaking or revolutionary, but no one builds a classic quite like Tissot. You'll never be disappointed with the Carson, and it's a great choice for any occasion, even daily wear.


In 1853, Tissot began producing pocket watches, and they've never looked better than they do today. If you think that sounds a bit like a brag, you'd be correct. The Savonette gives you everything you love if you're passionate about vintage watches, pocket watches in particular. The pocket watch and chain are made to be a matching pair, and they look extraordinarily chic with a three-piece suit or whatever vintage attire you've borrowed from the '30s or '40s.

If you love classic timepieces with a modern update, you need to find Tissot watches in Lansing, MI. Azzi Jewelers carries Tissot men and women’s watches.  Contact our professionals to begin looking for the right one for you.

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