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What to Know before Getting Custom Designed Jewelry

October 15th, 2016


Lansing jewelers will advise you that, when you want a custom piece, don’t wait until the last minute. When a ring is chosen from a display case or catalogue, it simply has to be sized and it can be made available rather quickly. However, custom jewelry design in Michigan takes time, from several weeks to a few months.

Choose an Experienced Jeweler

There are many jewelers in Michigan who offer custom jewelry. Choose one who has extensive experience. Your regular jeweler may have a designer in-house or be able to recommend one. Ask the jeweler to look over a body of his or her previous work. Explain your vision and note what the jeweler has to say. Is he or she receptive to what you want? What can the jeweler add to your vision? Is there good communication?

Bring Ideas but Be Open

At your consultation, bring ideas to the table. This is your design, and the finished product should feel entirely yours and not like something created by someone else. Look through catalogues to get ideas, then sketch your vision. An experienced jeweler will be able to make your design come to life. However, be wary of being too rigid in your design. The jeweler you choose should have years of experience designing many custom pieces, and he or she will have valuable suggestions to enhance your vision.

Update Old Pieces

Custom jewelry is not only used to design brand new pieces. You can also give old jewelry a facelift, redesigning it with a modern touch. Likewise, family heirloom pieces that are never worn can be redesigned to become stunning, wearable pieces.

Whether updating grandma’s ring or customizing an anniversary present for your wife, custom jewelry design makes a beautiful, unique statement you will be proud to display.