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Unique Bridal & Engagement Rings for that Special Someone

December 18th, 2015

Colored Stones

If your significant other is someone who loves a little splash of color, then you can give her that in her ring. There are colored diamonds for those with a large budget, and alternative gems for those who need to keep the cost down. Give her a one of a kind item by looking through our yellow and pink diamonds and letting us find the perfect ruby or emerald to add to your setting.

Decorative Brands

A lot of people in your position are adding some meaningful flair to their rings by making the bands a little more decorative. Many people choose to make them look like plant stems, but there are other options as well. If this is an option you would like to pursue, then we can help you find the perfect direction to take.

Stone Cuts

Unique Bridal & Engagement Rings for that Special Someone Round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are still in high demand; but if you want your ring to stand out from the traditional crowd, then we would love to show you some of the unique cuts that are big in the jewelry design world right now. The heart and pear cuts are trending right now, and the emerald cut is also making a big come back. We can show you how to work these unique shapes into the perfect setting.