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The Summer Birth Stones

May 22nd, 2016


June has two types, both of which are extremely unique and beautiful. June has the pearl and the alexandrite. Most people know how pearls are created, especially because they are one of the most uniquely created gems, but most people don’t know the process. Pearls are essentially created due to an oyster’s itch! If an irritant gets in an oyster, the oyster will attempt to sooth the irritant by secreting “nacre,” which is what a pearl is made of. After a while, the pearl is harvested, cleaned, and sorted—and then made into a beautiful ring, necklace, or bracelet for June babies!

An alexandrite is equally unique because of its color changing properties. In the lamplight, this gem is a beautiful raspberry color. Take it outside, though, and you’ll have a blue-green gem. Incredibly unique and rare, the alexandrite is a coveted gem, especially those with a very distinct color change.


July has one of the most popular gems, other than a diamond, as its birthstone. The ruby is a striking red gemstone that is considered “the king of all gems,” a lofty title for a gemstone. As one of the most valuable gemstones, rubies are equally expensive. From red hues with a purplish tint, to gemstones with a bluish red tint, these are prized gems, worthy of those born in July.


Last, but not least, August offers one of the most vivid colored gemstones as its birthstone: the peridot. The peridot is a beautiful lime green gemstone that is found in Arizona, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan. With various colors, ranging from a yellow green to a brown, this gemstone is fairly common unless found above 5 carats.

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