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Selecting the Best Diamond Stud Earrings

December 14th, 2016

The 5 Cs

The cut of a stone is very important. In diamonds, you can have a princess cut diamond, a round diamond, or several other varieties of cuts. These will affect a diamond's value and it will affect the way the stone interacts with light.

The color of a diamond helps in determining its price, too. Colorless diamonds are more valuable than yellowish diamonds. Some diamonds may appear to be colorless to the naked eye, but can have a yellowing when placed under a jeweler's glass.

A diamond that is flawless can be expected to cost more. The clarity rating takes into account the diamonds internal structure.

Heavier is more expensive. A diamond that is heavy will have more carats and cost more.

The certification of a diamond allows you to have confidence that your gem is a real diamond and not a synthetic one. Certification may also take into account the diamond's country of origin.

The Diamond Trade

Because diamonds have been used to fund conflicts in Africa, some people are unwilling to purchase these gems. The conflict diamond is hard to detect because diamonds are too strong to mark. If you are concerned with what your purchase of diamonds is funding, you can find diamonds that are certified conflict free. These diamonds come from places like Canada, and they have been tracked through the entire process from mining to refining to store.

The Reason for the Purchase

Your reason for purchasing new earrings is going to play a vital role in how you decide what to purchase. If you want earrings that are going to be worn, you will want to consider comfort first. If the earrings feel good, they are more likely to be worn. Of course, style isn't dictated by comfort alone. An outstanding pair of earrings that gets compliments will also be worn more than a lesser pair of earrings.

Of course, purchasing diamond stud earrings may also be an investment. Precious metals and gemstones tend to hold their value and, over the long term, increase in value. They are usually a good hedge against inflation and can often be sold for an immediate influx of cash. Legend has it that pirates wore gold earrings just in case they were thrown overboard and ended up someplace without any cash. While most jewelry purchases should be to help you or one you love feel beautiful, investing in jewelry is a great idea as well. A great set of earrings can be passed down from generation to generation, and the stories that the jewelry accumulates can become priceless.