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Round vs. Emerald-Cut Diamonds: Which One Is Better?

April 13th, 2020

Round vs. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Round Brilliant

Round brilliant diamonds are the classic round stones you see in many solitaire and other engagement rings. They are specifically engineered and cut to reflect the maximum amount of light for the most sparkle. Brilliant cuts have 58 facets designed to reflect light and give your stone that brilliant quality. The word “brilliant” is in the name for a reason – these stones are eye-catching and have a shine that can be seen from across the room. Since much of the rough diamond is cut away in the process of creating a round stone, round brilliant diamonds tend to be a little more expensive than other shapes. Round stones look perfect in solitaire rings, three stone settings, glitzy halos, and just about any other style, making them one of the most versatile stones.

Emerald Cut

Emerald-cut diamonds are also beloved for many good reasons. Also containing 58 facets, these stones are smooth and lovely. The clipped corners may provide increased durability, and this shape tends to elongate the finger. Emerald cut diamonds tend to look a little larger than other stones of the same carat weight, giving you more bang for your buck. These stones are also incredibly versatile, working well in both simple styles and more ornate rings. Like all diamonds, emerald cuts can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and other factors that influence quality.

If You Want More Sparkle

So, which diamond shape should you choose? It all depends on the level of shine you want.

If you want more sparkle, round brilliant is the way to go. No other diamond can compete with the sheer brilliance of a round stone.

If You Want More Leeway with Color

There are certainly more factors than just sparkle, however. If you want more color in your stone, emerald cut may be a better choice. Consider the metal of your setting, your budget, and your color preferences. Emerald-cut stones “hide” slight yellows better than round stones.

If You Want a Classic Ring

If you’ve always lusted over the timeless, classic rings and that old-school Hollywood glam, round brilliant diamonds can fulfill that dream for you. You can’t beat the simple loveliness of a classic round stone.

If You Want a More Unique Look

If you’re after a distinct look that sets your ring apart from others, emerald-cut stones only make up about 3% of diamond sales. Knowing that your ring is more distinctive and unusual can be a huge plus.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

It All Comes Down to Preference

If you want a stunningly classic stone that catches and reflects the light for major sparkle, a round brilliant diamond can’t be beaten. If you want a more unusual stone with a more affordable price tag, an emerald-cut diamond is the perfect choice.

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