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Reasons You Should Opt for Loose Diamonds

November 1st, 2018

Loose diamonds

Easier to Evaluate

You might have heard your jeweler mention the four C’s of inspecting diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat. When examining all of these factors that determine a diamond’s worth, it’s much easier to do this if the diamond is unmounted. Loose diamonds offer a much clearer picture of its true value. If there are any defects in the stone, you’ll be able to identify those right off the bat.

More Design Possibilities

If you’re still unsure of the way in which you’d like to wear the diamonds, buying the diamonds unmounted can guarantee an endless array of designs to choose from. If you’re purchasing them as a gift for someone, loose diamonds can give your loved one the opportunity to design a piece themselves. When you have an unmounted diamond, you can work with a jewelry designer to create something truly unique. Offering them the opportunity to design a piece themselves can be a holiday gift that keeps on giving.

Hold Value for Longer

If this purchase is solely for an investment, then loose diamonds is definitely the way to go. Certified loose diamonds will actually hold their value longer than a diamond that has been set into a piece of jewelry. If you’re looking to purchase loose diamonds in Michigan, make sure you contact a trustworthy jeweler to show you their private selection.