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Platinum Vs. Gold

April 25th, 2014

While even an amateur can likely recognize yellow gold, to the untrained eye white gold and platinum look very much alike.

So, what's the difference?

The technical explanation

Gold and platinum pricing usually fluctuates from month to month, however, platinum has historically sold at a higher price. Platinum is a denser metal and its higher price reflects the higher cost of working with the metal and its greater density.

The practical explanation

Some people have allergic reactions to wearing gold, though it's usually an allergy to one of the metals in the alloy—often nickel. Hearts On Fire uses 18 karat gold that passes the European Nickel Release standards, which are among the most stringent in the world. This means only those who are extremely allergic will be affected (a very small percentage).

Looking to the future

You'll want to keep in mind that all jewelry needs a little TLC over time, as precious metals lose their luster through normal wear and tear. White gold, however, will need more care to help retain its original shape as years go by. Both white gold and platinum will dazzle again after occasional polishing, but white gold will require the rhodium finish to be re-done from time to time.

The bottom line

Platinum and white gold look about the same. Both metals are going to need some ukeep, but platinum will require less. However, platinum is a bit more expensive. So what do you choose? As we first said, it's really a personal choice, and chances are no amount of careful reasoning is going to save you if she has her heart set on one or the other.

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