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Luxury Rings for the Perfect Anniversary

February 12th, 2016

These rings are quite simple in style, but very beautiful. They consist of a band of metal with stones that are almost flush embedded in the metal. The stones decorate the entire ring making a continuous circle of shining stones. We often suggest eternity rings as anniversary presents, because they can signify your hope that this relationship lasts forever. We also like that they are subtle enough to be paired with most wedding rings.


One very popular jewelry trend at the moment is creating pieces of jewelry that symbolize members of the family. If you have children, we can create a ring that has a birthstone for each child. These stones can be worked into any of our settings, and we can even leave room to grow if you think more children might be coming into your life in the future. Whenever she looks at this ring, she will be reminded of the beautiful family you have built together.


Purchasing a ring that has an infinity symbol will send the same message as the Eternity band, only in a flashier way. If your wife is someone who likes bigger pieces, then this is an excellent way to go. We have options in many price ranges, meaning it can be as simple or as ornate as you want. Show her that you really meant it when you made vows to be together forever. Every woman wants to know that someone out there can't imagine a life without her. Including this symbol on an anniversary ring is a beautiful way to send that message.


This is another style that we are seeing a lot of right now, and we think it is perfect as an anniversary gift. One option is to get a band that has the same number of braided strands as the years you are celebrating together. This works well for up to 5 years. For years beyond that, it can become a little busy. We have also seen people use each strand to represent a member of the family. However you choose to make this work for you, it can represent the life that you have built together, and your eagerness to continue the great adventure with her.


There are a lot of beautiful colored stones out there. We can create a setting using different colors to represent big events in your life together as a couple. A ring of this nature will tell a beautiful story and is sure to be something she will never forget.