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Fourth Of July Jewelry

July 4th, 2017

July Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

A special event, on a special holiday, requires special jewelry. If you really want to stand out, then look no further. We offer custom jewelry that we can design alongside with your input. Want to create a special, one of a kind engagement ring? We can do it. Perhaps you’re looking for a unique and patriotic design for a necklace? We can help you create that as well. The possibilities and ideas are truly endless.

American Designers

Jewelry is made in all corners of the world, and each region has its own unique flair, but when you’re getting ready to go out and celebrate the Fourth of July, make sure you show your support and patriotism by wearing a piece from an American designer. Nothing says American jewelry more than Alex and Ani. Simplistic, charming, and eco-conscious designs and materials have really set this designer apart from the rest. When you’re wearing Alex and Ani, you’ll be sure to be noticed at the Fourth of July Barbeque.

Military Time Pieces

The Fourth of July is all about our independence and paying respect to our past and current soldiers. What better way to thank an active duty soldier or a retired veteran by providing them with a Luminox watch. Known for their durable and luminescent designs, Luminox won’t disappoint. Whether you’re in the sea, air, land, or space, Luminox will be there to make sure you’re always on time and in style. Made in America and worn by Americans, you can find their products along with other custom jewelry in Lansing, MI