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Celebrating Veterans Day with Watches

November 18th, 2019

Celebrating Veterans Day with Watches

Military Designs

There may be many ways in which you and your loved one’s honor Veterans. One way is through gorgeous military style watches, a nod to the long history between watches and the armed forces. Azzi Jewelers offers Rolex, Shinola and Tissot. These luxury watchmakers have strong ties to the military, not only because many of these watches display military time, but also because they have been chosen watchmakers for many militaries across the globe.

There are plenty of other examples of military watches, and the similarities remain that these watches were a distinguished accessory to brave fighters who protected their countries. There were militaries that commissioned certain watches for their troops, helping to cement them as a global leader in military watches.

Now, these classic vintage editions are cherished and celebrated, especially for veterans. Even after they retire from active duty, many military members will be drawn to the watches worn by their fellow comrades.

Gorgeous, Generous Gifts

Experts in watch repair are very familiar with watches, a common choice gifted to members of the military. Plus, there’s plenty of other veterans who willingly choose to wear watches, both in and out of uniform. Current military members and veterans alike use watch repair services to keep their luxurious piece at its finest.

For the men and women who have sacrificed so much for their country, watches are wonderful because they are tough, durable, and stylish. Azzi Jewelers offers a wide ray of watches designed by Rolex, Shinola and Tissot. These watches may have traveled far and wide with these veterans, and that makes these accessories much appreciated.

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Awesome American Military Watches

Watches were available for purchase at several US Military overseas exchanges through the early 2000s. Many veterans picked up these watches at a discounted price, ensuring the prolonged popularity of watches in the military. While this has since changed and watches are no longer available through this avenue, they remain a much-loved choice for military members who need a watch they can depend on.

If you’re ready to celebrate Veterans Day with beautiful military watches, visit Azzi Jewelers, a Rolex dealer!