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Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine?s Day

February 5th, 2018



Not all jewelry is made of metal. Wooden jewelry, for instance, is quite common, but Valentine’s Day usually calls for something a little more durable, and metal is often the best answer. These days, people generally prefer to avoid the cliché of gold jewelry, but if you don’t like the look of silver or platinum jewelry, rose gold may be your answer. Jewelers in Michigan can work with a variety of metals, and you can see what options they have available.


Diamonds are traditional, but not your only option. When looking into custom designed jewelry in Michigan, you may want to look at red and pink gems, as they are the colors of the holiday. Of course, if you are giving the jewelry to someone who prefers a different kind of stone, you should take that into account, too. Birthstones are always an option, too. If you’re looking for something a little different, then pearls might be a good option for you, symbolizing innocence and retaining a classic look. You can also choose to skip jewels and design a piece of jewelry made entirely of metal, or you can mix a couple types of gems together for some contrast.


Custom jewelry design in Michigan will vary based on the type of jewelry. In general, however, current Valentine’s Day trends favor small pieces with simple designs. Hearts are an obvious choice, but if you want to spice them up, you can look at variations on the theme, such as a pair of intertwined hearts or a heart combined with another meaningful design. You can also skip the hearts altogether and look at infinity signs or another design that would be meaningful to the recipient.