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Alternatives to the Diamond Engagement Ring

From the moment she starts to feel that connection with a man that says she wants to spend her life with him, every woman wonders what her engagement ring might look like. Meanwhile, most men have little idea what kind of ring would make the best choice for such an important purchase. That's especially true now, as some have moved away from the traditional diamond ring in favor of other precious gems. If your bride might be the kind of woman who would be happy with something other than a diamond, here are a few options to make her ring as special as she is:

Her Birthstone

There aren't many easier ways than this to really make her ring feel special. She'll be reminded that you know her birthday and its importance to you whenever she looks down at her ring. Plus, many birthstones are often precious gems, such as rubies (July), emeralds (May) or sapphires (September). They're also hard stones, so although they won't be as durable as a diamond, they'll still hold up well. Make sure that if you go this route, you pick a strong enough stone. A December birthday's turquoise stone, for example, is not a good choice in an engagement ring. In that case, it might be better to search Michigan jewelry stores for another option.

Her Favorite Color

Another great way to show your bride that you remember little details about her is to choose a ring with a stone of her favorite color. If she happens to love purple, an amethyst might be the way to go, even if she wasn't born in February. If you put her favorite color on her hand forever, she'll have another reason to smile whenever she looks at it and thinks of you.

Her Eye Color

It might not be a bad idea to match her gemstone color to her eye color. For example, if your bride's eyes remind you of emeralds, why not show her that reminder with an emerald as her ring's stone? This can be a great way to add an extra personal touch to your special moment.

Obviously, if your bride is wedded to a diamond, it's not a good idea to mess with her hopes. The last thing you want is a disappointed woman. But if she's willing to consider other styles, it might be worth looking through Michigan jewelry stores and looking into other options besides the diamond. She just might get a unique ring that nobody else would have ever imagined.


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