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All about Shinola Watches for Men

September 1st, 2019

All about Shinola Watches for Men

The Canfield

Probably best known as The Canfield 43mm, you'll know The Canfield by its unmistakably crisp and clean design, with an open dial and top-loaded case construction. While it might not be as fanciful or overly stylized as some other models, The Canfield is a watch that provides polish and poise that sets it apart and demands your attention.

The Bedrock

The Bedrock 42mm is a Shinola watch that captures the passions of many watch lovers. If you want an everyday watch that doesn't disappoint, The Bedrock 42mm is one to keep in mind. With an ivory coarse texture dial and a polished case, The Bedrock boasts carefully crafted curves. Comfortable for all-day wear and artfully styled enough to spark the occasional conversation, you'll appreciate the bragging rights that Shinola includes free of charge.

The Guardian

The Guardian is available in 36mm and 41.5mm models. While it may seem like a smaller watch can't deliver a masculine appeal that men appreciate, The Guardian consistently proves this assumption wrong. The rounded-square shape, pumpkin crown, and sapphire crystal all combine to demonstrate a strong build and commanding presence. The Guardian proves that you don't have to be big or bulky to show off your ruggedness.

The Runwell Sport Chrono

Obviously including a chronograph, The Runwell Sport Chrono is a 48mm timepiece specifically built for men who need to get things done and don't have the luxury of always lounging in an office. The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant, and the watch features three subdials. If you want something that's made to last, functional, and stylish, The Runwell Sport Chrono is the watch for you.

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The Shinola Monster Automatic

Divers demand a lot from their watches, and Shinola knows it. Featured in Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron variations, The Shinola Monster Automatic is a dive watch worthy of both the name and trust. This 43mm timepiece is constructed from stainless-steel and tough enough to last. It has been meticulously and exhaustively engineered with automatic movement and jeweled precision. Whether you're below the waves or out on the town, this is a watch that's worthy of your time.

The Runwell

A 47mm watch, The Runwell might be considered the flagship timepiece for Shinola. Known for its classic but varied color palette, The Runwell pays careful attention to every exquisite detail. Even the stitching is thoughtfully built into the overall aesthetic of the watch. With remarkably accurate quartz movement, The Runwell is aptly named. Its double-domed sapphire crystal provides superior protection from scratches, so this is a timepiece that could last for generations. If you want one watch that delivers on the promise and prestige of the Shinola name, The Runwell is an obvious and satisfying choice.

There are plenty of options for men's watches in Lansing, Michigan, but there's only one Shinola. Contact the jeweler professionals at Azzi Jewelers if you'd like to learn more about what the Shinola name is able to offer.

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