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5 Fascinating Facts about Wedding Rings

August 10th, 2018

Ancient Engagement Ring Tradition

The tradition of giving engagement rings goes back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a vein in the fourth finger on the left hand that led to the heart, which is why engagement rings are still worn on this finger today.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The practice of giving the soon to be bride a dowry has largely been out of practice. However, it used to be that engagement rings were given with a purse of gold coins to show the bride and her family that the man had enough money to provide for her.

The Biggest Buying Month

If you ever walk past a jeweler in December and they look stressed and frazzled, give them a break. December is the biggest month for proposals and more engagement rings are sold during this month than any other. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, and even Thanksgiving are also popular days for proposals.

Pick the Right Ring

If you’re a man about to ask the love of your life to marry you with a beautiful engagement ring, buyer beware! In one study, 28% of the women surveyed stated that they would turn down a proposal if they didn’t like the ring.

If you thought that you and your betrothed shared a lot of history, just wait until you read these fun facts about the history behind the wedding bands in Michigan that you wear. These fun facts might give you a little bit more appreciation for the significance of the bands you wear throughout your life.