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A necklace displays your personality with style, using unique design features. There are a plethora of different necklace styles that celebrated jewelry designers around the world have utilized for decades. Our jewelry experts at Azzi Jewelers have put together a guide to the many styles of necklaces to add to your personal collection. 


The epitome of minimalist style, a solitaire necklace showcases a singular diamond, gemstone, or pendant on a chain. Perfect for those who enjoy a simplistic aesthetic as well as for those who pile on several necklaces for a layered look. A solitaire pendant easily transitions from work attire to casual outfits to elegant ensembles. Create distinctive combinations to accentuate any look and bring a bit of unique flair. 


Station necklaces have vibrant gemstones, brilliant diamonds, or lustrous pearls placed intermittently around a chain to evoke interesting designs and textures. Delicate or bold, these necklaces provide the classic charm of chain necklaces along with the shine of gemstone necklaces. Choose necklaces with different colored stones or settings for a wonderful variety that will enliven your wardrobe. Station necklaces are a contemporary favorite that bring an incredibly modern feel to most outfits. 


The links on a chain necklace determine the aesthetic and feeling of the piece; the most popular links include curb, snake, and paperclip. Short and long lengths each have their own appeal. When adding charms or pendants to the chain, they should complement the necklace’s design so that one element does not overpower the other. Both chunky and dainty chains, especially when mixed together, are fantastic items to have in your jewelry box to create varied and visually interesting looks every day. 


Linear and unconventional, lariat necklaces are usually dainty necklaces without traditional clasps and are generally held in place by threading one end through a fixed loop on the other. Also referred to as a Y necklace, these necklaces are stunning and elegant by themselves but also provide wonderful contrast in a layering of other styles of necklaces. When worn backwards with a low back dress, a lariat necklace can have a dramatic and glamorous effect. 


An older term for necklaces, today, collars refer to necklaces that lay flat along your body just above your collar bones, similarly to how round neck t-shirts fit. A modern favorite, these necklaces have been around since the ancient Egyptians. A collar necklace directs the eyes to the shoulder region and as such looks amazing with off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses. Their minimalistic precious metal appeal works well with patterned outfits and button-down dress shirts.