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Natural vs Lab-Grown Diamonds

Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab-Created

Diamonds are a miracle of nature whose rarity makes them a symbol of luxury and prosperity. In recent years, scientists have discovered how to grow them in a laboratory and bring them to market. While these are identical to their natural counterparts in many ways, they are still distinct. Allow our experts at Azzi Jewelers to explain a few key differences and similarities between these fantastic stones.

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

To understand a natural diamond, one must first know its origin. Carbon deposits far under the surface are subjected to intense heat and pressure. The process takes place for millions, even billions, of years. Eventually, volcanic eruptions push them closer to the surface which can then be mined and utilized. Natural diamonds have “flaws,” or inclusions, that make them unique. These everlasting stones have a story lasting longer than life itself.

How are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

Many lab-grown methods are not dissimilar to natural processes. There are two primary ways in which jewels are grown, but each begins with a “seed” – a tiny diamond. In the first way, seeds are put in a chamber. Hot carbon gas is pumped into the chamber, which is subsequently heated into a plasma state. As it cools, the carbon layers onto the diamond seeds, making them larger. The second way mimics nature using heat, high-tech presses, and slabs of pure carbon.

What are the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Laboratory-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment that can create a limitless supply. This makes them less expensive than their natural peers. For a couple on a budget, a lab-grown diamond can do a lot more with a little. These stones are also identically perfect and are free from inclusions. As they are chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds, it is nearly impossible for an expert to tell them apart.

Why Choose a Naturally-Mined Diamond?

While lab-made diamonds are certainly beautiful, they lack the uniqueness and romance of a natural stone. Natural stones have a classic timelessness that cannot and never will be found in jewels grown in a laboratory. Their inclusions make them unique, like an unbreakable snowflake. Naturally mined diamonds are also more scarce, making them more valuable and easier to sell if you decide to replace a piece of diamond jewelry.

Which Diamond is Right for You?

For those who cherish romance and want to show it, a natural diamond cannot be equaled. Their unique quality and the longevity of their story make them ideal for portraying one’s love. For people who want a more accessible, less expensive piece and do not want to spend money on sentiment, a laboratory diamond might be better and just as brilliant.

Find the Best Diamond Selection at Azzi Jewelers

We at Azzi Jewelers take pride in our selection. Our loose diamonds come in all sorts of exquisite shapes. We also offer a marvelous variety of settings for engagement rings to place the wonderful diamond, natural or lab-created, that you pick out. Contact our showroom in Lansing, Michigan at (517) 332-7900 to learn more about us and our selection.

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