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Lab Created Diamonds

Characteristics of Lab-Created Diamonds

There is truly nothing that compares in combined beauty, brilliance, and strength to glittering, precisely cut diamonds. After all, they have been termed “a girl’s best friend,” and for good reason. Modern innovations in science and technology have made certain types of diamonds more accessible and cost-effective. Lab-created diamonds are a phenomenal option for those that don’t want to sacrifice sparkle or durability yet are looking for an alternative to natural diamonds. At Azzi Jewelers, we are proud to offer a variety of jewelry styles featuring these exquisite stones to cater to a broad range of preferences and styles.

Why Buy Lab-Created Diamonds?

While natural diamonds are formed over millions of years, far beneath the earth’s surface due to extreme pressure and temperatures. However, contemporary advancements in technology have allowed a controlled recreation of such conditions so that these gems can be created by trained professionals. These stones are chemically identical to natural diamonds and are just as hard and brilliant. Even trained gemologists may be unable to tell the difference between the two. They are an excellent option for those on a budget as they are more cost-effective and completely conflict-free, allowing you to feel great about your purchase every time.

Popular Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry Styles

Celebrate the beauty of these scientific marvels with jewelry settings that display the clarity and shine of a lab-created diamond. Necklaces hang at the center of your silhouette and draw the eye of onlookers. Pendant necklaces make a single diamond the star of the show, while diamond chokers are slightly edgy yet still polished. When it comes to earrings, opt for a classic pair of diamond studs to frame your face in light. Diamond tennis bracelets have, for years, been a staple in the world of fashion jewelry. Meanwhile, diamond fashion rings in various forms will dazzle and reflect the light with your every move.

Discover Lab-Created Diamonds at AZZI Jewelers

Let Azzi Jewelers be your source of high-quality jewelry fitted with either lab-grown or natural diamonds as well as vibrant precious and semi-precious gemstones. We stock our Lansing jewelry store with an inventory of accessories by renowned designers that we are truly proud of. It would be our staff’s pleasure to assist you in finding your next favorite accessory that you can trust will last you a lifetime. If you would like a personalized consultation with one of our employees, feel free to request an appointment or browse our inventory online at your convenience.

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