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What?s New at Azzi Jewelers : We Buy Gold, Diamonds and Used Rolex Watches

April 27th, 2020

What’s New at Azzi Jewelers : We Buy Gold, Diamonds and Used Rolex Watches


A lot of people assume that selling gold will automatically fetch a phenomenal price. After all, they see advertisements for gold buyers all the time. Unfortunately, most sellers are unlikely to have enough gold or gold of high enough quality to make a fortune. Of course, this doesn't mean selling gold isn't worth your time.

Gold coins and gold jewelry are both primarily sold by weight. The quality or karat of the gold and the total weight of the gold are the two primary considerations. If you'd like to make a rough estimate yourself, you can look online to see how gold is currently trading and find the price. While gold is comparably stable, the price could change at any time. This makes selling gold a time-sensitive matter. What you'd make today could easily change in a week or two. It's worth noting that if your gold jewelry has precious stones or gems or other factors, such as a history of being a valuable antique, it may be better to sell it as jewelry. Gold tends to be melted down, whereas jewelry is often resold whole.


Diamond buyers and jewelers take diamonds quite seriously. People go to school to learn all about diamonds and earn certifications for it. People make careers out of diamonds, and they're one of the biggest sellers when it comes to jewelry stores. Selling diamonds is absolutely feasible, but you don't want to jump into the process blind.

The best and most important first step is to get your diamond or diamonds graded. This grading needs to be provided by a reputable gemological lab, such as the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. Having this documentation is the easiest way to get taken seriously. Having the grading performed by a neutral third party eliminates bias and establishes trust.

With diamonds, the value is based on weight, cut quality, color, and clarity. As noted previously, some jewelry may be valued due to its history, age, or other factors, and the diamonds themselves may not be the main draw. This is certainly something to consider if you have an exceptionally rare piece of jewelry. Otherwise, the diamonds will likely be the biggest draw. A buyer that buys gold and diamonds may be able to make use of both.

Rolex Watches

Rolex is a household name, which means that used Rolex watches are always in demand. While vintage Rolexes are popular, some styles are more desired than others. It's worth doing a little bit of research beforehand to see how your Rolex is currently selling, so you have a reasonable expectation when it comes to the price. After all, the buyer is going to want to make a profit. A Rolex in good condition should always receive a reasonable offer. After all, it's not difficult to move Rolexes. People know the name.

At Azzi Jewelers, we buy gold, diamonds, and used watches in Lansing, MI. If you want to work with an established business, contact us at 517-332-7900 for private appointment. We will answer any questions you have or provide you with an appraisal of your jewelry.