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What Is the Difference Between Natural Diamonds and Lab Created Diamonds?

September 5th, 2021

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When it comes to eye-catching jewelry, nothing beats a diamond. Classic and timeless, diamonds possess a sparkling style that makes them a perfect addition to almost any look. Once upon a time, budget was a limiting factor for women seeking a more elegant jewelry option. Luckily, today there is another option available.

Also known as engineered diamonds, lab-grown diamonds possess all the flawless beauty of the real thing. However, they’re also environmentally conscious and friendlier on the wallet. In particular, the Swarovski Created Diamonds offer a great option for women who don’t want to sacrifice perfection in their jewelry. Keep reading to learn about the differences between natural and lab diamonds and discover which one is right for you.

Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab Created

When it comes to choosing a diamond, shoppers have two different options: natural diamonds and diamonds created in a lab. While natural diamonds come from mines, lab diamonds are engineered to be chemically, physically, and visually identical to the real thing. To that end, lab created diamonds sparkle just as brightly if not brighter than diamonds sourced from the ground.

How are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

So, how are these cultured stones engineered? Lab-created diamonds contain carbon atoms organized in the same structure as natural diamonds. To craft these dazzling stones, scientists replicate the conditions found under the earth with either High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The end result is a beautiful, genuine diamond that to the average eye looks no different from a mined stone.

What Are the Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds?

There are various reasons that women are increasingly choosing lab created diamonds. One of the biggest appeals of a lab diamond is the price tag; because cultured diamonds are more affordable, you may be able to purchase a bigger and more beautiful stone for your engagement ring. They’re also a great option for shoppers seeking colored diamonds, which tend to come at a premium.

Additionally, lab-made diamonds win points for being environmentally sustainable. Because they’re created rather than mined, the environmental footprint is minimal. As a result, you can feel good about the jewelry you’re wearing.

Which Diamond is Right For You?

There’s no one right choice when it comes to choosing a diamond. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or another piece of fine jewelry, ultimately the right diamond is the one that feels perfect to you. At Azzi Jewelers, we offer both natural and lab created diamonds to give our customers the most comprehensive options on the market today.

Explore the Brilliant Diamond Selection at Azzi Jewelers

Whether you prefer lab created diamonds or natural diamonds, the perfect stone is waiting at Azzi Jewelers. Based in Lansing, we pride ourselves on providing Michigan residents with exceptional jewelry and an expansive selection of loose diamonds. Contact us online to set up a diamond consultation with a knowledgeable member of the team or stop by to see our offerings for yourself.