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What is the Best Jewelry to Buy at Azzi Jewelers?

July 5th, 2021

woman leaning on wall

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Whether it’s a bold trendsetting piece or something subtle and dainty, there is unique jewelry to match every style. At Azzi Jewelers, we have a diverse selection of fine jewelry to choose from. With many stunning options available, we’ve taken stock of our most popular styles and designers to help you find the perfect gift or ideal addition to your collection.


A breathtaking necklace sits delicately across the neck, waiting to be adored. Such a versatile piece, necklaces come in a variety of styles. Favored amongst those who appreciate a little sparkle in life, a diamond necklace is an obvious choice for many. While those who prefer something with a bit more color, gravitate towards the vibrancy of gemstone necklaces. With these two striking options, we couldn’t narrow it down to one designer:

diamond necklaces


From a humble beginning to an industry leader, S Kashi & Sons offers innovative diamond jewelry crafted from the highest quality materials and notable workmanship. Amongst their collections are several beautiful diamond necklace silhouettes. Layered diamond station necklaces display bezel set diamonds along delicate chains, while swirling pendant necklaces feature brilliant diamond details.

emerald gemstone necklace


You can find daring gemstone necklaces from Spark Creations. A leader among luxury jewelry designers, gemstone fashion is their forte. Timeless silhouettes paired with brightly colored gemstones and diamonds—how can one not fall in love? With Spark Creations It’s easy to find elegant sapphire and ruby pendants. Though if you want to really turn heads, we suggest this eye-catching emerald necklace, where the exquisite oval cut gem is nestled in a diamond loop design.


Probably the most widely debated, earrings come in many forms making it difficult to narrow down one preferred style. Adding the finishing touch to any outfit, popular looks include classic hoops and elegant drop earrings.

earrings from zeghani

Based in Los Angeles, Zeghani crafts high-quality fashion jewelry that become wearable works of art. Made with intricate curves and unique silhouettes, gemstone drops by Zeghani convey a fresh twist on a classic style. Modern designs are paired with glittering diamonds and vine-like metalwork. However, customers can’t stop raving about Zeghani’s mosaic diamond studs. Carefully placed diamonds are woven together to create a pattern that sparkles unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Bracelets are an amazing, yet somewhat underrated piece of jewelry. Dainty or bold, bracelets can define a variety of styles. From exciting bangles and cuffs to refined tennis bracelets and classic chains, each bracelet silhouette offers its own unique appeal.

john hardy bracelet

Known for their fearless designs and meticulous attention to detail, John Hardy showcases a collection of bracelets inspired by time-honored Balinese jewelry-making traditions. Through powerful design and dramatic details, each one-of-a-kind bracelet is both stylish and sleek.


Fashion rings are a popular choice to showcase your individual style. Current trends include styling bold vibrant pieces with those that are subtle and delicate. And while stacked sets are all the rage, don’t underestimate the attractiveness of a solo statement ring or an understated piece for everyday wear.

michael m fashion ring

At MICHAEL M, exquisite European design is at the heart of every piece. Styles range from glamorous to sleek fashion rings. Geometric rings are playful and elegant. Distinct chevron dips and open oval or rectangular-shaped rings feature a twist on the use of negative space. And because one is never enough, choose to mix and match oversized statement rings with minimalist stackable designs. If you are in the market for only one, we recommend this criss-cross diamond fashion ring, a staple in any collection.


If you’re on the hunt for some of the best trendsetting jewelry in Lansing, Michigan look no further than Azzi Jewelers. Discover unique pieces from these designers and more within our premier collection of glittering fine jewelry. Shop online or in-store with the assistance of our expertly trained staff.