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Top Spring Engagement Ring Trends to Follow

May 1st, 2019

Top Spring Engagement Ring Trends

Spring is a common time of the year when proposals occur. Before you propose, you need to find a diamond engagement ring, but what kind should you buy? Here are some of the top spring engagement ring trends you can follow when you visit jewelry stores in Okemos, MI.

East-West Ring

An east-west ring is a ring that is wide rather than tall. It is usually not much taller than the band, which offers several advantages when wearing it. While the diamond will still be large and impressive, it will be a lot more comfortable on your loved one's finger, as the band will protect her finger from the stone. Taking up less of her finger, there’s much less of a chance that she might accidentally bump it against other objects, potentially damaging the ring before the wedding. Despite the smaller size, you still have a wide variety of options, including oval, emerald, and rectangular shapes. If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable option, this might be the best choice.

Two-colored Rose Ring

A rose ring is a common choice for an engagement ring, as it appears to be layered and creates the appearance of a rose. Most of these rings are white gold, but you can throw in some rose gold to make it stand out a little more. One advantage of adding the second tone is that it will allow the different diamonds to stand out, showing how much work was put into designing the ring. The ring can even have rose-style diamonds or design on the band, adding to its beauty and glamour. These rings can come in a variety of styles, including circular and square, so choose whichever your soon-to-be fiancé would like best.

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Solitaire Ring

While a solitaire ring is far from new, this traditional ring design is always in style. It often features the diamond cut that many people are most familiar with and usually sits on a simple band. Despite the simplicity of the ring, it is far from basic, as it offers a variety of options to choose from. This includes the color of the ring band and your choice of stone to place in the center. Some rings may be more desired by your soon-to-be fiancé, but this is an excellent choice for those that wish to purchase an understated ring or are unsure about the type of ring they might want.

Three-Stone Ring

If you’re unsure of what stone you want to include in the ring or are looking for something with a little more meaning, you might want to consider a three-stone ring. This ring usually has a primary stone in the middle or two slightly smaller stone on the outside, though the stones can be the same size if you wish. This can represent several things, such as the process of dating to engagement to marriage, a husband and wife being together, or connecting a husband and wife with God. Regardless of what you want the ring to represent, you can make it more meaningful with this design.

Spring is an excellent time to propose to your loved one. These trends will help you find the perfect ring for your soon-to-be fiancé when you visit Azzi Jewelers  jewelry stores in Okemos, MI.(517) 332-7900