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Tips on Finding the Perfect Pair of Earrings

May 16th, 2021

Is your go-to earring style the best complement for your face shape? It may surprise you to learn that the earrings which fit you best aren’t just one type! It’s in the intricacies of how each set of earrings are designed.

In this guide, we will cover the designs that pair best with round, square, heart, long, and diamond face shapes. Before you read on, tab over and query “different types of face structures” to identify your shape. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday style or unbridled opulence, there are earrings out there suited perfectly for you!

For The Stunning Round Face

Your round face is made of soft angles and wide cheekbones. Your end goal is to choose styles that contrast with your lovely bone structure!

For The Gorgeous Square Face

Made of sharper angles and a similar width at the temple, cheekbone, and jawline, you are in possession of a stunningly distinguished face shape. Designs that beautifully contrast with your square face shape include medium to long earrings that are round or angular.

For The Beautiful Heart Face

From a wide forehead to a pointed chin, you have a lively and sweet face shape. You’ll glow in earrings that balance your triangular face shape.

For The Lovely Long Face

Long and narrow, you have a distinctive and attractive face shape! Contrast your beauty with wide, voluminous, and chunky designs. Chandelier earrings are stunning on you and so are short, bulky drops.

Be playful in these 14k yellow gold clover icon earrings from Stuller. With these, you sport a style that pairs well with your face shape and you’re wearing a trending design, motif icons!

For The Striking Diamond Face

When paired with the right earrings, your face shines like a diamond! From narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, to pointy chin, the angles of your face are exactly in the middle of soft and hard. The goal is to find a balance amongst these angles.

You’ll find true treasures in delicate drops and stud earrings which have more width than length as well as wide-at-the-base chandelier earrings. These delicate rose gold diamond drops will pair perfectly with your diamond-shaped face.

Shop Your Ideal Earrings

Discover the perfect earrings for your face shape at Azzi Jewelers! Find the right style by exploring our expansive collection online or in-store. If you have further questions about the perfect fit, our talented staff can help you find the right styles for you. Do you want unparalleled selection and service? Then shop fine jewelry at Azzi Jewelers