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These Are the Top Diamond Shapes for 2021

March 20th, 2021

Whether you’re planning to pop the question in 2021 or anticipating a proposal, you might have diamonds on the brain. While round cut diamond rings are a natural choice for engagement jewelry, they’re far from the only option you can find online and in stores. Depending on your taste and style preferences, you might be drawn to a wide array of shapes, from princess cut diamond rings suited for royalty to oval cuts that exemplify vintage charm. Keep reading to learn about the year’s most exciting diamond styles, along with tips on finding the right one for you.

Get to Know the Year’s Leading Diamond Cuts

Does your style lean more modern or traditional? Do you revel in the latest trends or love everything vintage? At Azzi Jewelers, we’re passionate about connecting brides with rings that suit their personality and lifestyle. Learn more about the hottest styles of the year below.

Round Cut Diamond Rings

It’s a classic for a reason. Beautiful and timeless, round cut diamond rings make up a shocking three-quarters of all the engagement rings sold, and with good reason. Experts say that this shape gives off the most light out of any diamond, making it an ideal choice for women who want to sparkle. As a bonus, the cut is among the most flexible, as you can pair it with a wide range of settings. So, if you’re looking for a standout ring setting—we’re talking about designs with ornate shanks or elaborate halos—opting for a round diamond is a wise call.

Oval Cut Diamond Rings

Love the smooth edges of a round diamond but want something less traditional? If you consider yourself a romantic, then an oval cut diamond ring might be a natural choice, as the stone features feminine curves for a warm, vintage feel. Additionally, oval rings are a popular option among celebrity brides. In fact, Hailey Baldwin, wife of singer Justin Bieber, sports one of these magnificent stones on her left hand. While the exact size of her diamond is unknown, eagle-eyed viewers have estimated the oval to be around 6 carats.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Although this style has been around since the 1960s, princess cut diamond rings are currently enjoying a popularity resurgence. Featuring a distinctive square shape, this cut is the second most frequently purchased option after round diamonds. Glamorous and modern, princess cuts are ideal for brides who like to draw attention for the right reasons. They’re incredibly stunning in three-stone settings and styles featuring side diamonds or emeralds.

Find the Top Diamond Shapes For Your Forever Ring at Azzi Jewelers

An engagement ring is one of the most prized pieces of jewelry in your collection. From the materials you choose to the shape of the diamond, it only makes sense to select a design that reflects your unique sense of style. That’s where Azzi Jewelers comes in. Based in Lansing, we offer a wide array of bridal jewelry, including round cut diamond rings, oval cut diamond rings, and princess cut diamond rings. Stop by today or shop online for something special.