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The Trending Shinola Watches You Need to See

February 21st, 2021

The Trending Shinola Watches You Need to See

Shinola is committed to crafting watches that are built to last, keeping style, quality, and functionality top of mind. The company operates out of Motor City, collaborating with legacy companies the world over to create their luxury timepieces. Learn more about the resilient and stylish Shinola watches featured in their signature collections. Maybe it’s time to add another timepiece to your collection.

The Runwell

Every detail of The Runwell was engineered with unparalleled focus on quality and functionality. As a result, it’s the most accordingly named item on this list. This Runwell watch is made for you, wherever you go. The watch aesthetic makes it perfect for a leisurely day or a business casual look.

Set a carefree tone for your day with this bright yet sensible Runwell Men’s Watch. The casing is polished stainless steel, flanked by largo tan leather straps. Behind the vivid white dial sits the Argonite 1069 movement, the powerful motor.

Canfield Chrono

The PVD case and midnight blue sunray dial are sandblasted for a matt finish. The double-domed sapphire crystal protects this timepiece from small scratches. Not only are these watches designed to tick in time for life, but the aesthetics are designed to last just as long.

The midnight blue and matt finish are expressive yet imposing. Wear it to work, game day with the guys, or a casual gallery event.

The Birdy

The Birdy women’s collection is a tale of transfixing designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Whenever, wherever the Birdy watch flies with you. The bright colors and functional materials make this watch perfect for a day out with friends.

Take this Birdy Women’s Watch for example. The casing is a playful rose gold PVD-finished stainless steel. The light tan leather straps are thin and long, perfect for multi-wrap styling. The soft silver dial is adorned with rose gold numbers. This lively timepiece is sure to please.

Shinola Watches

The Monster

This men’s collection is characterized by imposing, bold designs. Discover a new variety of bold aesthetics.

Consider the Ice Monster. Stylistically, it takes inspiration from the ice above Michigan. Well, the ice formerly above Michigan. The one mile thick ice was truly a force of nature and still exudes strength. The Ice Monster does the same, crafted from titanium for endurance and an enigmatic shine.

Alternatively, there’s the Bronze Monster. This watch is inspired by the Prohibition Era, in particular, the stealth rum-runners that traversed Michigan waterways. The warm bronze case, equally warm teak leather straps, and Art Deco dial are reminiscent of the roaring 20s and early 1930s. This Monster watch simultaneously commands attention and is unassuming. Style this watch for every occasion.

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