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The Best Anniversary Gifts and Traditions

March 26th, 2020

Best Anniversary Gifts and Traditions

A Sapphire Necklace

Sapphire is a stunning stone that never fails to denote a special occasion, especially if you're celebrating your 45th anniversary, as it's the traditional gift for that milestone in your marriage. While most people think of it as a blue stone, you can find it in practically any color. If your special someone has a color that is uniquely theirs, look for a sapphire pendant in that same color and you're guaranteed an impressive gift.

Diamond Earrings

Who says you have to wait until your 60th or 75th anniversary to give your loved one diamonds? You can get a gorgeous pair of earrings with enormous stones or a delicate, antique pair of earrings with an array of tiny diamonds. A pair of diamond earrings or diamond pendant necklace is a gift she won't ever forget no matter what year it is.

A Gold Rolex

Gold is the traditional gift for the 50th and 75th anniversary. But if you want to give something truly valuable or if you're bored of the traditional gold necklace, spend the extra money on something even more spectacular - a gold Rolex. Because of their superior craftsmanship and excellent design, Rolexes are uniquely able to maintain their value for years after purchase. So, give your significant other a gift of luxury that never loses its worth and style.

An Emerald Ring

Emeralds have depth and richness all on their own. If you have a special anniversary coming up like your 55th, for instance, consider giving your spouse an emerald ring. Whether set in a gold or white gold ring with relatively few accents or placed amid a constellation of diamonds, emerald rings are striking and perfect for a big anniversary.

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A Meaningful Birthstone

You don't always have to follow tradition for your gift to having meaning. Think outside the box and custom make jewelry to make it special and valuable. Some months hold special meaning to you. Buy the corresponding stone for your special month and have it custom made into a one-of-a-kind ring or necklace.

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