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The Bed and Other Places Not to Take Your Engagement Ring

March 15th, 2023

A woman’s hand laid over her partners, wearing a gold engagement ring with an oval cut diamond

There’s nothing more exciting than getting an engagement ring. It symbolizes maturity, romance, commitment, and all sorts of positive things. In accordance with tradition, the owner is meant to wear these accessories at all times to symbolize one’s commitment and eternal love. While it is tempting to do so, there are a few occasions when taking off the piece is appropriate.

Close up image of a hand wearing a silver engagement ring with a blue, princess cut center stone


While beds are a place of safety and security, this is not the case for engagement rings. Blankets, sheets, and other bedding can catch on the jewelry’s sharp corners. This can loosen gemstones, causing them to eventually slip out. People who change sleeping positions frequently should take considerable effort not to wear the ring to bed, as they may put pressure on the item. While it won’t break the ring immediately, over time, doing so can weaken and warp the band.

The primary pro of wearing an engagement ring to bed is that it ensures the owner won’t lose their jewelry. This can be circumvented by placing the piece in the same spot every night. Ensure it’s a cool, dark, and dry place (this rules out the bathroom).

A three stone, silver engagement ring featuring an emerald cut diamond and two princess cut accent stones


Gyms have an environment containing everything detrimental to jewelry. Metal can clash against the engagement ring, causing scratches, scuffs, and even dents. Sweat, a liquid found in high amounts in the heat of a gym, can corrode and tarnish. It can also cause loose rings to slip off, which is particularly undesirable in this setting. Imagine an engagement ring sliding off and rolling across the floor, only to be smashed by someone who drops their weights.

A gold, prong set ring leaning against an oyster shell on a beach


A paradisal beach is a perfect place to relax, whether on a lake, river, or ocean. The calming sound of waves crashing against the sand can lull one into a rare sense of serenity. It is also a terrible place to wear an engagement ring. Natural water – whether salty or fresh – has minerals and other substances that can scratch, corrode, and otherwise harm jewelry. Sunscreen can also damage jewelry, dulling gemstones and precious metals. Sunlight can warp and reshape metal, causing bands to resize, prongs to snap, and other horrible effects.

Black and white image an emerald cut engagement ring sitting on a mirrored surface


After a long day, a nice shower can hit the spot. Warm water soothes sore muscles and soap makes one feel clean and fresh. Before you enter that steamy chamber, leave your engagement ring out of the bathroom. Soap, shampoo, and all of the other cosmetics and cleaning products diminish jewelry’s beautiful shine and shimmer. Soap and water can also cause your ring to become loose on your finger and slip down the drain.

A unique gold engagement ring with a marquise diamond center stone on a piece of white fabric

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