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Statement Makers: Bold Jewelry Trends

March 15th, 2022

woman with fashion jewelry

Recent trends in fashion and jewelry are going bigger, brighter, and more attention-grabbing than ever. For those of you who use your fashion sense as a form of unabashed expression, these pieces are sure to be right up your alley. Read on for some tips on putting together looks that are sure to spark conversation.

three fashion rings

Daring Fashion Rings

One of the easiest ways to add interest to any look is through one or two big audacious fashion rings. Gemstone, signet, halo rings, and the like draw the eye and are easy to mix and match for a distinctive look every time.

A bold piece like this Michael M ring, which is absolutely covered in glittering accent diamonds, won’t go unnoticed. Play it up by stacking one or two smaller rings on your fingers for an exquisitely trendy look.

cuff bracelets

Dramatic Cuff Bracelets

Almost reminiscent of armor, and resembling the stunning gold armbands of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and queens, cuff bracelets are edgy and arresting. Wear a cuff over a long sleeve blouse or midway up your arm for an even bolder look.

Extravagant Gemstone Necklaces

A glittering gemstone necklace makes a statement like no other piece of jewelry can. Think Heart of the Ocean necklace from The Titanic. Give your look a regal air with a richly colored gemstone, dazzling along your neckline. These pieces are truly fit for royalty and are sure to have all eyes on you.

This three-tier necklace features deep rubies, each surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. A piece like this one will fit right in at any black tie or formal wear event.

chain jewelry

Bold Chain Jewelry

Renowned designers around the world have taken the classic chain and kicked it up a notch or two. Oversized chains are featured on nearly every runway and fashion blog and for good reason. This trend has been used in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even earrings.

Glittering Drop Earrings

Draw attention to your most important feature, your face, with a pair of dazzling drop earrings. Choose a piece that is positively dripping with color and shine to make a dramatic statement. Dress up a casual, office look or accent a stunning party dress with these earrings.

bold fashion jewelry

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