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Shop for Used Watches with These Tips

July 15th, 2022

Searching for a used timepiece is an adventure. These watches have a story, each unique and intriguing. While you might not ever learn the exact details, taking part in a timepiece’s lineage is a beautiful thing. You may even get lucky and find an incredible watch at an even more incredible price. Still, there’s a lot to look out for, as purchasing used watches comes with a fair degree of risk. Here are a few tips for shopping for a used watch from the experts at Azzi Jewelers.

Shop the Seller

Buy the seller, not the watch. We did not come up with this saying, but it’s an important one. Never buy from places you cannot trust, especially if they don’t provide refunds. They might sell stolen, broken, or counterfeit timepieces.

To make sure they are worth your time and money, do some research on the store. Look up their reviews and check out their website. If they have poor reviews and do not have a website, it’s best not to trust them. You will want to find a jeweler that can be held accountable to care for its customers.

Too Good to Be True

There’s a common saying, “If it’s good to be true, it is.” It’s a great maxim in business dealings, whether buying or selling. When it comes to purchasing watches, it is doubly true. If you are dealing with an unscrupulous dealer and you are shown a watch that is suspiciously cheap, there’s likely something wrong.

If it’s a popular designer brand, an inexpensive watch could be fake. Is it lightweight? High-quality metal is heavy. Are there any imperfections? A reputable brand would never release a damaged piece. If you are buying from a reputable dealer, then it’s likely authentic but has some unseen issues.

Vintage Comes at a Price

Imagine this: you find the perfect used watch. It’s a gorgeous piece from the 80s and is everything you have ever wanted. Best yet, you can afford it. You buy it and take it home

Then, you start to notice it stops ticking. You take it into the watch shop.

It needs to be fixed, which does not come cheap. You wind up spending more on a used piece than a new piece. This is because older watches require more maintenance and repairs, as they are more delicate. When buying an especially vintage watch, consider its maintenance costs before you take it home.

Certification and Authenticity

If the watch is real, you’ll need proof. That’s why you’re going to want to ask for the box, certificate of authenticity, and anything else you can think of to prove its legitimacy. This can lead to it being more expensive, but it can be worth it if you’re a collector.

If you are buying from an individual, check the serial number to make sure it’s not stolen. It’s illegal to buy a stolen watch. Furthermore, you may not be able to resell it if it’s stolen. If the seller will not let you check, then do not make the purchase.

Find Used Watches at Azzi Jewelers

Azzi Jewelers is Lansing’s trusted source for timepieces. Our selection of watch brands and jewelry is legendary, as is our reputation in our community. We guarantee a peerless shopping experience with our team of friendly experts. Reserve an appointment with one of our staff today to be guided through a realm of magnificent timepieces. Message our Michigan showroom at to learn more.