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Round Vs. Princess Cut Diamonds

December 15th, 2022

An illuminated round cut diamond

Your engagement ring will likely be one of the most sentimental and monetarily valuable pieces of jewelry you’ll own in your lifetime. For this reason, you’ll want to be sure that it suits your unique style and aesthetic preferences. The center stone serves as the focal point of your ring, so choosing a cut that reflects your style is imperative. The round and princess cut are two of the most widely beloved center stone options, and either would make a phenomenal option for your engagement ring.

Round Cut Diamonds

The classic round cut is by far the most popular engagement ring cut, making up 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold. Its timeless shape is wonderfully versatile, suiting almost any taste and fitting easily into many setting types. Because this cut is so popular, anyone shopping for an engagement ring will have an overwhelming variety of styles.

One of the biggest reasons this cut is so sought-after is its truly unparalleled brilliance. These stones are symmetrically cut with 58 individual facets, allowing the gem to reflect light mesmerizingly, creating a truly dazzling and eye-catching ring. Opt for a large stone for even more surface area and greater sparkle.

An engagement ring with a princess cut diamond center stone

Princess Cut Diamonds

Next to the round cut, the princess cut is the second most popular, its shape contrasting with its soft, circular counterpart. This diamond shape is perfectly squared, with parallel lines and sharp corners. While it was developed in the 1960s, it has recently gained considerable popularity.

As its name suggests, the princess cut gives an engagement ring a beautifully regal aesthetic, exquisitely blending femininity and architectural influence. This bold, squared shape offers a modern alternative to the age-old round cut. Glamorous and chic, this cut is great for the contemporary bride with a penchant for statement-making jewelry.

Cushion cut diamond held up to the camera

Finding the Diamond Cut That’s Right for You

When choosing an engagement ring cut, it’s essential to consider the overall aesthetic you want your ring to have. Do you tend towards more minimalist styles of jewelry or clothing, with clean lines and plenty of versatility? Or do you have a taste for more extravagant, eccentric styles?

If you’re seeking timeless, you might opt for a solitaire ring set with a brilliant round cut stone like this sleek, white gold ring from renowned bridal designer A.JAFFE. A more sentimental option might be a three stone ring, whose gems are said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship, such as this white gold piece from Zeghani.

On the other hand, princess cut diamonds beg to be complemented by glittering accent stones, detailed metalwork, and daring settings. Bridge the gap between vintage and contemporary with a piece like this vintage-inspired ArtCarved ring, or choose a wonderfully sparkling halo ring that will glitter with your every movement.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a three stone setting

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