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Necklaces to Gift This Holiday Season

November 20th, 2021

holiday gift box

Necklaces, no matter the type, always make for a dramatic unboxing at the holidays. But you want to make sure the piece you choose is one they’ll love. We’ve put together a list of trending necklace styles to help you pick a piece that fits their style and personality.

Trendy Chains

This minimalist-inspired trend has taken on new forms this winter season. The formerly dainty, unassuming chain has been surpassed by more eye-catching styles. Bold, chunky necklaces are a fashion favorite at the moment as well as flat chains and textured metals.

azzi chain necklace

Pieces like this audacious, diamond studded cable chain necklace are just the type of daring accessory we’re seeing on runways and fashion blogs everywhere.

Layers Upon Layers

There’s no such thing as too much with this new wave of jewelry styling. Layering necklaces adds dimension and visual interest to any look. Varying weights, lengths, and metal types make for an exciting combination.

bracelet image

Choose a stunning, foundational piece that your loved one can layer with other necklaces already in their collection. They’ll appreciate the versatility of a necklace like this and will be able to create new unique looks with it every day.

Mixed Metals

What used to be considered a fashion faux pas, like wearing a black belt with brown shoes, is now seen as a stylish bending of the rules. Mixed metal necklaces will offer something unique to your friend or family member’s wardrobe. This yellow and white gold pendant necklace by Zeghani will give any outfit a bit of depth and complexity that they’ll love.

A Personal Touch

Meaningful, personalized jewelry pieces have always been a popular option for holiday gifts. A birthstone necklace, astrological or letter pendant, or symbol with significant meaning to both of you will let your loved one know that you took specific care to curate this gift, just for them.

For your stylish and sentimental friend, choose a meaningful necklace that offers a modern take on a tried and true style, like this diamond letter pendant.

Necklace Shopping at Azzi Jewelers

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