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Necklaces Styles Perfect for a Valentine?s Day Gift

January 5th, 2022

One of the hardest things about shopping for Valentine's Day is the desire to outdo last year's gift. If last year's gift was good, this year's must be outstanding. If last year's gift was a failure, this year's has to show substantial improvement.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of necklace styles perfect for Valentine's Day gifts. Necklaces are a necessary staple for any lover of jewelry, and there is no shortage of variety to choose from. Discover various necklaces styles that are certain to enchant and impress your loved one this time of year.

Meaningful Nameplates

Nameplates can add a deep level of significance to an otherwise standard piece. They've become a symbol of modern elegance in today's era of individuality and expression. Couples often choose matching sets, so they're reminded of one another no matter how far they are in space or the length of their time apart.

This Michael M necklace features delicate 14k yellow gold and a lobster clasp. It offers a customizable initial pendant, imbuing the wearer with signature elegance.

Dazzling, Classic Diamonds

Necklaces have historically been adorned to symbolize status and prestige. Since the 16th century, diamonds have continued making an ever-increasing appearance in our necklaces, as they've become synonymous with elegance and refinement. A diamond necklace is an integral part of any well-rounded jewelry collection.

Pieces like this Zeghani precious stone necklace, featuring glistening 14k white gold and prong-set diamonds flooding the pendant face, are at once versatile and glamorous.

Rich Rubies

Rubies have, for decades, represented passion, nobility, and purity, which is why this stone has persisted in popularity throughout the ages. Further, ancient cultures associated rubies with improved vitality, concentration, creativity, and compassion, making them an ideal stone to feature in Valentine’s jewelry. It is, after all, the holiday of love.

It's hard to outdo the fiery rouge of a ruby, especially when offset with radiant gold like this Spark Creations one of a kind necklace. It features 18k yellow gold, a cable chain, and a remarkable ruby set into the heart of this sun-colored pendant.

Warm Rose Gold

Rose gold is a mix of gold, copper, and silver. It can appear fiery red or delicate pink (or somewhere in between), depending on the ratio of the alloy. It has been a popular color choice for jewelry since Carl Faberge used it in creating his opulent and coveted Faberge eggs. Today, it's a popular hue for use in every type of jewelry.

This Michael M necklace features a glowing 18k rose gold pendant and elegant cable chain. Pave-set diamonds give this piece an exceptional level of luster and unrivaled brilliance.

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