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Luxury Jewelry to Wear This Spring Season

February 5th, 2022

Winter is over; those harsh frozen days are gone and have left nothing but water in their wake. Now comes Spring with the renewal of the earth, flowers peeking through frost, and animals coming out of hibernation. A fresh beginning to the year and the beginning of a new season. It kicks off celebrations for many as the holiday cycle begins again and warms the year up to its new potential. Jewelry trends go through a transformation each year as well. Some colors and metals are more desirable now than before. Here are a few springtime fashion jewelry options picked out by our experienced staff at Azzi Jewelers.

The Rain Brings the Rainbow

Spring has, on average in most places, more rain than any other season. As a result, there are more rainbows. Jewelry reflects this fact with a colorful array to choose from. In Spring, bold color combinations are supreme.

Wear colorful jewelry to be fashionable this spring. This vibrant emerald necklace is perfect. With a dazzling emerald surrounded in a double halo of brilliant diamonds, it is awash in luxury and color. It is an excellent addition to any collection.

Flaunt Floral

Spring is best known as the season of renewal when nature revives after months of freezing cold. Flowers sprout from the Earth and bring new life to the planet. This imagery is embodied in nature motifs of floral jewelry that depicts flowers, leaves, and vines in intriguing details.

This Spark Creations fashion ring showcases a four-petaled flower with ruby petals and a diamond pistil. The band of opulent 18k yellow gold holds this natural beauty for all to see.

Pearly Whites

Those with a subdued yet classic aesthetic prefer pearls. The pearl’s iridescent sheen has a timeless quality while its white color matches any outfit. Their presence is refreshing, like a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby in May.

The pearl stud earring is an excellent way to add a pearl to an ensemble. Stud earrings offer a minimalist touch at an accessible price, which allows anyone to add a flash of style. Plus, these can be worn on any occasion. Studs will survive any dance routine or dinner date, no matter how rambunctious.

Know Your Geometry

Geometric and abstract shapes are fashion jewelry staples. These pieces are stunning and spectacular with their lines and curves along with the accents to suit them. They can represent natural imagery and make use of any gemstone. Their patterns are, generally, symmetrical and modern.

This Vintage Vixen necklace by Zeghani is a truly beautiful piece of jewelry. Through an intricate pairing of dazzling diamonds and rich blue sapphires, this necklace makes quite the statement.

Spruce Up Your Spring Fashion Jewelry at Azzi Jewelers

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