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Jewelry for the Best Places to Go for New Years

November 15th, 2022

Jewelry for the Best Places to Go for New Years

2023 is here, down with 2022. Whatever the new year brings, make sure to usher it in with an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Whether you want to party hard or have a quiet night with friends, accentuate your ensemble with the trendiest pieces. These glittering, luxurious accessories let you look beautiful and glamorous with varying amounts of effort. Find your favorite with Azzi Jewelers in Lansing, Michigan.

Diamond Earrings

Hit the Nightlife

The most popular and traditional way to celebrate New Year’s, visiting bars and nightclubs is a classic. In Lansing, we’re lucky to have a vibrant nightlife with several spots catering to the whims of Michiganians. Places like Stober’s, The Grid, and the Reo Town Pub are suitable for stopping. When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to take something simple to wear and pair. You’ll be moving around a lot, so it’s essential to pick an understated piece.

Enter the stud earring. These small, dazzling pieces provide a subtle bit of effortless fashion. This pair of Michael M earrings is radiant, eccentric, and contemporary.

Ruby and Diamond Pendant

Hit the House

If you seek a more intimate, personal celebration, try a house party. Some people get really into it, offering a variety of activities and decorations difficult to find elsewhere. You’ll be able to meet people carefully vetted by the host , which is also nice. Alternatively, you can throw your own house party, although this involves a lot of work and preparation.

Since you’re in a private setting, you can wear a more spectacular and fragile piece like this Spark Creations pendant. Exhibiting three fiery rubies surrounded by dazzling diamonds, this necklace will surely garner plenty of attention.

Shinola Detrola Watch

Hit the Restaurant

Everyone needs to eat. Do it with elegance and sophistication at a fancy restaurant. Many places offer specialized menus for New Years, catering to the occasion. Whatever your taste and dietary restrictions, there’s a place perfect for you. It’s best to book far in advance to guarantee your spot.

It’s essential to be on time. Thus, bring a fashionable timepiece with you. Wear this Shinola Detrola watch for a bold and beautiful splash of color. Its quick-to-read dial guarantees the wearer is on time and in style.

Precious Stones Fashion Ring

Hit the Home

Sometimes, it’s good to stop and take stock of the past year. That’s why resolutions are so important. It’s okay to have a quiet evening at home, with friends or alone. Be mindful of the new year and all of the potential it brings. Still, the evening calls for a special touch.

Add that special touch via a fashion ring like this Zeghani Precious Stones fashion ring. Its bright sapphire center stone is radiant and breathtaking.

Find New Year’s Jewelry at Azzi Jewelers

Find New Year’s Jewelry at Azzi Jewelers

Azzi Jewelers is Lansing, Michigan’s premier source for luxury, high-end accessories. Everything we offer is of the highest quality, be it a fashionable watch or a glamorous engagement ring. There’s nothing we don’t do for our customers, including providing the best selection in the state. To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (517)332-7900 to schedule an appointment.