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How to Secretly Find Her Ring Size

April 21st, 2021

It’s almost time for you to get down on one knee and propose to the most important person in your life. You’ve done all of the research and figured out which style of rings your partner is looking for. There’s only one small dilemma that’s holding you back from going to the jewelers and getting that dream engagement ring—you don’t know what her ring size is!

Tips to Find Her Ring Size

We understand that trying to remain secretive throughout the proposal process has its own set of challenges, but there’s plenty of sly ways you can go about figuring out what her ring size is without giving away any hints. Luckily, we’ve created a guide to help you think of out-of-the-box tactics to get the exact answers you’re looking for.

Borrow One of Her Rings

It sounds obvious, but you need to think about a few aspects of this tactic before sneaking out a ring. First, you need to be confident that the ring you’re borrowing for the day is a piece that still fits and, more importantly, a ring that fits on her ring finger. Otherwise, you might be using a ring that doesn’t fit anymore, and that wouldn’t be helping your case.

It’s also essential that you don’t take a piece she wears too regularly because she might notice it’s missing. Try going for rings that aren’t her favorite or extremely valuable. Once you have the ring, take it to a local jeweler to find the exact ring size. If your partner normally wears the jewelry in her collection every single day, this tactic might not be the best for you.

Trace an Everyday Ring

If she wears her jewelry every day, tracing one of her fashion rings is the next best option. The goal of doing this is to trace the inner circumference of the ring. It’s better to choose a ring that can lay flat; this will make it easier to trace. If you miss the measurement by even a millimeter or two, this can drastically affect the size of the ring you’re looking to secure.

Keep in mind rings with a large crown or embellishments at the top are hard to trace, therefore leave more room to get an accurate size. With that said, a ring that’s slightly larger is better than too small,which will be impossible for her to wear comfortably.

Consult with Her Parents/Friends

Now, this seems like the most obvious choice when you’re trying to find her ring size, but choosing the right person is where the challenge lies. You must ensure this person isn’t going to get too excited to the point where they accidentally let the secret out to your soon-to-be bride. It’s probably in your best interest to choose someone who’s going to remain loyal until you’ve decided to get down on one knee.

On top of that, it’s important to consider going directly to your best resource—her parents. It’s likely they, or at least her mother, would know their daughter’s ring size from previous purchases or in conversations relating to this topic, especially if she’s someone that loves to wear jewelry.

Why Shop with Azzi Jewelers?

Now that you have the steps to find her ring size without her knowing, it’s time to find the ring! At Azzi Jewelers, we’re dedicated to helping each of our clients in Lansing, Michigan, find an engagement ring that will ‘wow’ their bride-to-be.

With over twenty years of experience, we know every trend, style, and cut that will take your proposal reaction from excited to completely blown away. Schedule a consultation with one of our diamond experts, who will guide you through our expansive bridal collection, and leave with all of the details wrapped up with ease.