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How to Mix Metals in a Bridal Ring Stack

March 10th, 2021

When it comes to carefully choosing your wedding band and engagement ring set, you have the freedom to create a unique stack. Mixing metals and stacking yellow, white, rose gold along with sterling silver or alternative metals on a single finger can provide a striking contrast to reflect your daring personality.

For a streamlined way to curate your stackable wedding band style, consider these fashionista-approved guidelines when stacking your rings.

Throw Out the Rule Book

Before we get into our favorite tips on stacking wedding bands with a variety of metals, it's time to talk about the first rule of stacking: there are no rules. Stack as high or low as you want with rings in a variety of widths and colors to create something that speaks to your inner self. There's no wrong way to go here!

You Don't Have to Match Completely

Finding the perfect wedding set that includes your band and ring can add unneeded stress, especially if you like to mix things up. Feel free to find a matching wedding band and engagement ring with similar designs, but don't feel tied down to a single color palette. Try on different mixed metals to create a look all your own.

Pay Attention to the Details

While you don't have to necessarily match colors when stacking wedding bands, it can help to match design details to create a cohesive look. Think of similar band textures, beading details, or vintage and modern styles. Combine engraved features or bands and rings with pavé-set diamonds to create a harmonious look. You don't have to match every detail to a T but choosing a set with a similar motif element can be a starting point.

Matching Gemstones

Mixing metals is a fun way to experiment with style. Add to the formula an array of colorful gemstones and you have an abundance of pairing possibilities. When mixing metals and gemstones, you can combine different colors or stick to a single gemstone color and/or type. While diamonds bring out the bright white finish of white gold, rubies pair well with warm gold tones like yellow and rose. If you're feeling daring, you can combine white gold or rose gold with blush pink hues found in pink sapphire, rose quartz, morganite, and opal. Brilliant blue sapphires work best when mixed in with white gold stackable wedding bands.

Look Both Ways

When we mention stacking, you're probably thinking of vertically stacking rings and bands on a single finger. But, you can also create a unique bridal pattern with a horizontal stack where you wear multiple bands on multiple fingers. As a starting-off point, wear an odd number of rings on odd-numbered fingers. Experiment with different arrangements by adding on or taking off rings and bands until you feel it's just right.

Mixed Metal Everything

Go beyond mixing metals across rings by including rings with mixed metal design elements within its design. A mixed metal ring/band can help you bring together distinct metal rings across your fingers. Explore classic and modern styles. Choose rings with different colored stones, detailing, and bands to become the foundation of your stackable set.

Play Around with Shapes and Sizes

Consider flanking a thicker and bolder statement ring with thinner rings on each side. Or, you could stack rings with a similar thickness in a mix of metals for a balanced look. For extra points, combine ring shapes and styles that are angular, curved, asymmetrical, elaborate, and minimalistic. The more seemingly distinct the rings are, the more they may complement each other.

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