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How Early Should You Start Wedding Band Shopping?

December 15th, 2021

Engagement rings get much of the glory in the world of jewelry. However, that does not mean you can neglect that other all-important bridal ring. After all, wedding bands symbolize your union and commitment to one another. Wondering when is too early to start shopping for this essential piece of jewelry? Read on for details courtesy of the team at Azzi Jewelers.

When’s the Right Time to Buy a Wedding Band?

When it comes to bridal purchases, the wedding band often falls by the wayside. However, the truth is that waiting too long to make this purchase can have negative consequences, particularly if you intend to customize your ring or add any special touches. To ensure you don’t miss the mark, plan to start shopping for your wedding bands eight to seven months before the special day and place the order at least six months in advance. The last thing you want is to be standing at the altar with a placeholder on your finger.

Who Should Buy Wedding Bands?

Once upon a time, the man was expected to make most if not all of the bridal jewelry purchases. Fortunately, times have changed and an increasing number of couples are now dividing this expense. Some couples buy both rings from a common account while others purchase each other’s bands as a gesture of love and commitment. Love to be surprised? You could pick out your partner’s ring and present it to them on the big day. However, we don’t recommend going this route unless you are certain you know your sweetie’s taste. Otherwise, you might end up shopping for a replacement down the line.

Wedding Band Shopping Tips

Want to make the hunt for wedding bands less of a hassle? Check out these shopping tips from Azzi Jewelers to ensure the process is both pleasant and productive.

Avoid Feeling Rushes

You probably will not enjoy the search for wedding bands if you are in a hurry to find something. Instead, make a shopping day more of an experience. If you are venturing out with your partner, take time to grab a romantic lunch or stop by your favorite wine bar to wind down after hitting the stores. As a bonus, this effort will help you relax during the busy wedding prep period.

Consider Engravings

Your relationship is unique, and the rings you choose should be just as special. For a one-of-a-kind option, consider adding engraving to the inside of your bands. You could opt for a message of love, the date of your I Dos, or simply each other’s initials.

Opt for a Custom Design

If none of the wedding bands on the market are meeting your needs, it might be time to think outside the box. Custom designing a ring is a great option for couples who like marching to their own beat. You could build a ring from scratch or alter an existing piece, such as that vintage wedding band you received from your mom or grandma. At Azzi Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer custom ring design services in our stores. Plan on this option taking one to two months to complete.

Find a Trusted Jeweler

A wedding band represents both a financial and emotional investment, so it’s only natural to choose a jeweler you can trust. After all, this shop will be your source for cleaning, re-sizing, repairs, and customizations throughout the years. For best results, inquire about the cost of adjustments before making the initial purchase.

Discover the Perfect Wedding Bands at Azzi Jewelers

Lansing’s choice for fashion and bridal jewelry, Azzi Jewelers offers a wide selection of wedding bands, engagement rings, and more. We pride ourselves on providing ethical jewelry of the highest quality, and you can feel good about joining the Azzi family. Drop by today to see our collection firsthand or browse our offerings online.