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Hot Summer Jewelry Trends

June 14th, 2021

Summer calls for a completely different dress code, and that includes accessorizing! Keep reading to find out which new trends will fit in perfectly with your summer wardrobe.

Ditch the Long Layers for Long Layered Chains

Hot weather means we shed much of the layered clothing that kept us cozy during the cooler seasons. Now we show more skin and that means more areas to adorn. Long pretty chains are having a moment, and not just the solo route! Layers, and sometimes layers upon layers make a personal statement that’s unique to your own taste.

You might want to start with a classic base necklace that is lightweight yet still a statement piece. This versatile station necklace can be worn by itself, but also as an inspiration for your layering ideas.

Light is the Way to Go

Hoops? Sure, why not! But let’s keep them lightweight, like the clothing we prefer at the moment. If you have any length of hair, we bet you’ve found a way to pull it off your neck to keep cool. Hoops and other sizable earrings provide instant dazzle. The rule here is the lighter the better.

Unexpected hoop shapes make a big fashion statement—yet these rectangular S Kashi & Sons hoops are light as can be. These will elevate any look for any occasion.

And when our mind turns to things that cool us down, we feel beachy. Shells and other coastal symbols make us feel like we’ve gone to our happy place, even when we’re city-bound! Look for those in rings, and earrings especially.

Cuff it Up

Cuffs are a must-have this season. Your arms are bare and begging for that one fabulous signature accessory. Answer that call with a confident cuff that finishes your look effortlessly.

White, Light, Neutral Summer Jewelry

Summer is the time for whites and neutrals to shine, you’ll find the perfect muse in sterling jewelry which continues to offer a cool, laid-back vibe.

With these summer scene stealers, you won’t need an entirely new wardrobe (but hey, grab a few updated pieces just for fun). These on trend items freshen up your summer look and show your confident style to boot.

Summer 2021 in Your Favorite Jewelry

We bet you probably have more fun things to do with your fleeting summer days than rounding up your summer jewelry cache. Let Azzi Jewelers help you shop for what you love all in one place. Just make your list and discover the perfect pieces that take you through sizzling days and languid nights are waiting for you. It’s not just the selection or the styles, but the pieces from Azzi Jewelers that take you seamlessly from beach to bistro.