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Guide to Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

June 15th, 2022

For centuries, gemcutters, also called lapidarists, have been creating new and exciting cuts. The princess cut diamond is one of their more recent innovations. With its charming square shape, it is beloved by many for its eccentric and glamorous aesthetic. It is the second most popular diamond, only behind the round cut which makes up around 75% of all diamond sales. Designers make a variety of gorgeous princess cut engagement rings that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Our team at Azzi Jewelers have put together a guide to this wonderful cut of diamond to explore why the princess cut is so beloved.

What’s a Princess Cut?

This cut’s technical name is “square modified brilliant” which accurately describes its shape, a radiant square. From the side, the princess cut resembles an inverted pyramid. From the front, the facets create an X pattern. These stones form a beautiful display when tilted from side to side: a striking and mesmerizing dance of light and shadow. This cut is also a little more affordable than round diamonds.

The princess cut is one of the more recent developments in lapidary; it was first created in the 1960s as a variant of the French cut. The cut’s original name was “profile cut,” a woefully inaccurate title for such a glamorous, feminine piece.

Who Loves Them?

There are many reasons why princess cut rings are popular. They suit a wide variety of tastes and appeal to plenty of couples. Their chic, delightful shape has a commanding but sophisticated presence. Yet, it has an eccentricity to it that cannot be found in most other jewels.

They appeal most to:

  • Brides who want to be unique. While they are pretty popular, that’s only relative to other non-round cuts. Their shapes are so different from the ubiquitous round that they are instantly distinct and interesting.
  • Brides who need to be fashionable. Princess cut rings have sharp, engaging edges that portray a modern style.
  • Brides who embrace their feminine side. These bold gems evoke a feminine majesty.

Top Princess Cut Engagement Rings

No matter why you love the princess cut, there’s surely something that appeals to your deepest desires. There are a plethora of creative and talented designers out there.

Princess Cut Solitaire

The solitaire setting is an exemplary way to show off an incredible princess cut diamond. These minimalist pieces do not have many distractions, allowing for the gem to shine on its own. That’s not to say solitaires are all the same, of course. This Michael M Love engagement ring has a unique dual prong setting, as well as diamond details that reveal themselves only when viewed from the side.

Three Stone Beauty

What’s better than one princess cut diamond? Three princess cut diamonds. Three stone settings showcasing these extravagant gems exude a peerless level of spectacle and modern appeal. This Stuller Three Stones engagement ring features a fascinating juxtaposition of minimalist beauty and three-stone luxury.

Princess Halo

A halo setting is an excellent pairing with a princess cut. As halos are radiant and glamorous, they can match the feminine regality of the center stone. This ArtCarved Contemporary engagement ring has a halo exhibiting spectacular yellow gold beading and brilliant diamonds. Its intertwining band and setting are unique and gorgeous.

Find Princess Cut Engagement Rings at Azzi Jewelers

Azzi Jewelers has been sparking up the romance in Lansing’s couples for decades. Our marvelous inventory of collections by renowned bridal jewelry designers ensures that every couple leaves with a piece as fiery as their love. If you want something more tailored to you specifically, our expert staff can help custom design a princess cut engagement ring just for you. Contact us at our Lansing, Michigan showroom to learn more.