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Gift Guide: How To Buy A Loved One A Watch

March 25th, 2022

Then it comes to gift-giving, a high-end timepiece knows few equals. There are a plethora of wristwatches available, each embodying a wide variety of characteristics for different aesthetics. A watch is not just a great gift because of its practical function and beauty, but because it can be chosen specifically with someone special in mind. They can be imbued with gemstones and precious metals for the fashionable and glamorous, or else have a myriad of helpful complications and hardy materials for the functional and practical. Here are some things to think about whilst buying someone a watch.

What’s Their Gender?

Many designers market specific watches for specific genders. They include design details that are traditionally associated with either masculinity or femininity.

For example, feminine styles often use rose gold with diamond accents, as well as elegant and curvy-shaped cases. They tend to be thinner than the mens’ watches as well, which tend to be bulky. Note that this isn’t always the case, as many on-trend watchmakers are experimenting with more unisex timepieces.

Are They Professional?

Some people are in professional settings more often than others. As such, they may need more sophisticated pieces that can be worn every day, especially if their career demands formal attire. In this case, a dress watch may be ideal.

On the flip side, people with more casual lifestyles may require something more statement-making, as their timepiece could be saved for use only on special occasions. Alternatively, they might favor more sporty watches so as to not outshine their everyday t-shirt and jeans ensemble.

What’s Their Style?

Everyone has their own style. Some favor modern aesthetics, fawning over clean angles and minimalist displays. Others prefer spectacular, ornate, maximalist designs with eccentric cases and materials. While some have a soft spot for diamonds and other gemstones, not everyone does and might favor more modest materials.

Are They Outdoorsy?

Timepieces are unique in that they can feature a wide variety of helpful tools like chronographs, dates, glow-in-the-dark hands, and more. For some, such as outdoor enthusiasts, these features are highly desirable if not necessary. They can get a lot out of these complications and will appreciate the gift much more.

Meanwhile, there are people who find too many complications gauche and overcomplicated. They could favor more sophisticated and refined watches that have few or no complications.

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