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Explore the Watch Trends of 2021

September 15th, 2021

As summer comes to a sizzling close, we have begun spotting watch trends that are bound to usher in the fall season. From dazzling metals to vibrant dials, read below to see how you can elevate your watch game to new heights.

Energizing Blue Dials

Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't take the sea's lively spirit with you. Blue dials are trending as many are drawn to the deep and reflective hue. This season dive watches are making a wave as their aesthetic appeal is recognized by style icons and adventurists alike.

The Oris Aquis is one of the most sought-after watch series on the market right now. Essentially designed as a dive watch, these wrist watches can be worn to complement any look, on any occasion. Combining the two trends, the Oris Aquis Blue Dial has a slimmer look than previous models. This is emphasized even further by the use of a thinner rubber strap. This dive watch is crafted to be as light as possible without compromising overall durability.

Bronze Is Steeped in Sophistication

While gold and stainless steel are top contenders for the watch case, bronze watches are here to make a stamp in your timepiece collection. What’s fascinating about bronze watches is that they develop a distinctive patina (an oxidized tint that forms on the surface) throughout their evolution. The gradual refinement is reminiscent of fine wine which becomes more potent in flavor as time progresses.

Like a worn-in leather armchair and malted whisky, the Bronze Monster encapsulates warmth, luxury, and masculinity. Inspired by the Prohibition era and the stealth of rumrunners on Michigan waterways, the Bronze Monster grabs attention in the most understated way. A quality teak leather strap completes the look of the bronze watch.

Retro Revival

For watch enthusiasts and collectors who love vintage-inspired timepieces, the retro revival trend is right up your alley. Look for antique details with a modern twist. The term retro can be described as a style that is intentionally derived from aesthetics of at least fifteen or twenty years ago. One of the most significant revivals we have seen as of late is the resurgence of the pilot’s watch.

Trailblazing for over 100 years, Oris started manufacturing pilot's watches in the 1910s, at the birth of aviation. Oris' hallmark design, the Big Crown, was originally presented in 1938 and continues to inspire the line today. As reflected in numerous designs, Oris has favored the pointer calendar movement making it a staple feature in the evolution of their watch models. Elevate your watch collection with a timepiece that has classic finesse embossed with a modern flare such as the Big Crown Pointer Date Watch.

Champion Style

As football season approaches, fans all over the world invest in gear that shows their pride and support for their favorite teams. This is the perfect time to flex sporty pieces with deep punches of color.

The Shinola Detrola collection allows fans to rep team spirit in style. These unisex watches are a knockout accessory. They make the perfect gift for sports fans, new college students, and graduates that wish to wear a symbol of Michigan pride.

Representing the Michigan Wolverines, the Wolverine Detrola sports the team’s unmistakable colors with a maize dial and blue watch strap. Alternatively, go green with the Spartan Detrola, and rep the colors of Michigan State. Both of these watches are a fun style that allows fans to get in on the rivalry. Coordinate this watch style with casual fits such as cool and cozy chords, chinos, or denim.

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