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Does My Wedding Band Have to Match My Engagement Ring?

August 25th, 2021

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Should your engagement ring and wedding band match? The answer simply comes down to personal preference. Whether you’re interested in sticking to tradition or venturing out of the status quo, there’s plenty of options to choose from. We have happily detailed some of our best tips for deciding on ring pairing.

Where to Start if You Want Them to Match

If you enjoy the appearance of a matched set, there are a few choices available. An all-in-one option is choosing a designer bridal set. In this case, the rings will be crafted to fit perfectly together in coordinating collections from the same designer.

If you want to expand your search or have an engagement ring without a complimentary wedding band collection, there are three important characteristics to keep in mind. You will want to match your stone shape and setting, metal choice, and the overall thematic ring style. Let’s explore these options below.

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What is a Designer Bridal Set?

As we briefly mentioned, a designer bridal set consists of two things: an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. This option is perfect for brides looking for something a little more uniform and guaranteed to pair beautifully together.

Another perk of choosing this style is your bridal set will look like one cohesive piece with rings nested together. While it’s easier to choose a bridal set initially, if you already have an engagement ring, check with your local jeweler to see if there is a matching wedding band.

Diamond Shape Pairings

If you have an engagement ring that incorporates your favorite stone shape, it’s the perfect opportunity to match the diamonds on your wedding band with your engagement ring.

If your engagement ring incorporates multiple stone cuts or you are open to adding a new distinct shape, we have you covered with diamond pairing recommendations. Our team has put together a list based off of some of the most classic, yet beautiful stone styles available today:

  • Round Cut Diamonds: The most popular choice for engagement rings, round cut diamonds are also the most versatile option. These stones are known for complementing any desired diamond shape and will look beautiful paired with any wedding band of your choosing.
  • Princess Cut Diamonds: The squared shape of the princess cut diamond conveys a striking silhouette. When pairing a diamond band with a princess cut engagement ring, consider looking for bands that feature small round diamonds, especially a pavé-set wedding band.
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds: It’s no secret these specific cuts have a beautiful sparkle to them. Although they do pair well with other cushion cut diamonds, the vintage appeal can carry over to a scalloped band with alternating diamond shapes like marquise and round cut stones.
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds: An emerald cut engagement ring is a statement piece. Whether it’s sophisticated or radiant, the band will emphasize the stone to a high level of beauty. Adding a simple but elegant baguette diamond eternity band adds a breathtaking through-line to this classic style.

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To Mix or Match Metals

Of course, selecting the same metal is the obvious choice if you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring. However, it is not uncommon for modern-day brides to add a pop of color through a mixed metal bridal set. You should keep in mind when mixing metals, you want to keep the other design elements similar or you risk throwing off the harmony of the set.

If you follow a few rules, mixing metals will result in an absolutely stunning bridal set. While it is a more out-of-the-box option, daring combinations are more likely to possess an eye-catching appeal.

To create a dreamy, vintage bridal set, mix radiant yellow gold with soft rose gold, which results in an irresistibly warm glow. For a modern take, try pairing a classic white gold diamond band, like this A. Jaffe wedding band, with a yellow or rose gold engagement ring. When mixing metals with white gold, stacking more bands will help even out the set and it will also give you fun options to mix and match over the years.

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Modern vs. Vintage

The most important element to match between your engagement ring and wedding band is the design style. Modern engagement ring styles have very different characteristics than vintage-inspired rings.

If you already have a vintage-inspired engagement ring, it’s better to secure a band that’s similar in style. Antique design techniques include milgrain beading, swirling filigree, and etchings or engravings. Find a wedding band with any of these traits, and your set will look like you were transported from another era.

On the contrary, if you have a modern engagement, you should try looking for other contemporary pieces. The silhouette is often the focal point in modern design, so choose a wedding band that offers something striking like a curving nested ring.

Why Shop with Azzi Jewelers?

Whether you’re looking for advice on a bridal ring set or if you already have an idea in mind, Azzi Jewelers is here to make your dreams a reality. We will help you create the most beautiful pairing with flourishes and design details to cherish for a lifetime. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our experienced associates, or continue exploring our expansive selection of diamond wedding bands online.