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Discover the Beauty of Round Cut Engagement Rings

September 25th, 2021

Elegant and beautiful, a round cut center stone is the epitome of a classic diamond ring. Treasured for its unmistakable sparkle and perfect symmetry, this cut is versatile and timeless. It is ideal for any bride as it can fit seamlessly into any silhouette and works well with a variety of settings. Read on to learn all about this glamorous diamond cut before making a decision on an engagement ring center stone.

In addition to the round cut, our diamond cut series will be spotlighting additional diamond shapes that each have their own unique characteristics and appeal, so check back often to keep informed!

Let’s Talk About the Round Cut Diamond

Undoubtedly the most recognizable and popular diamond cut, the round cut diamond features 58 facets that create the most brilliance out of any diamond cut. The brilliance of a diamond refers to the amount of white light reflected off the surface. This is also known as the diamond’s sparkle. On the other hand, a diamond’s fire captures the light at the heart of the stone, refracting in a blaze of colors. It is this dazzling show of fire and light that makes the round cut such an appealing choice for engagement rings.

What Type of Bride is the Round Cut Suited For?

A round cut engagement ring is a great choice for a variety of brides because of its versatility. With round cut diamonds making up approximately 75% of the engagement rings sold today, it is safe to say that purchasing one of these timeless beauties is sure to put a smile on any bride’s face regardless of their personal style.

Brides who enjoy tradition will love the timelessness of this cut, especially in a classic design such as a solitaire. A round cut diamond engagement ring has an understated elegance. Its perfect symmetry creates an effortless sparkle. This cut is ideal for brides who favor vintage-style settings that embody a romantic, feminine appeal.

Explore the Top Three Round Cut Engagement Rings

1. Michael M Solitaire Round Cut

As mentioned before, a round cut diamond blends seamlessly with a solitaire setting. Solitaires heavily focus on the center stone and are complemented by an unadorned, lustrous metal band. Financially, this minimalist approach allows for more of the budget to be put towards the diamond.

If this setting has sparked your interest then this stunning round cut solitaire from Michael M is a top choice to consider. The prongs anchoring the center stone are delicately accented with tiny diamonds, bringing a heightened sophistication to this timeless silhouette.

3. Azzi Jewelers Rose and White Gold Round Cut Ring

We also showcase our own luxe collection of engagement rings at Azzi Jewelers. A highly favored design featuring the eye-catching round cut stone is this diamond-encrusted, white and rose gold ring. Gently curving white and rose gold bands offer a contemporary flair that draws attention and is breathtaking. Diamond accents bring unparalleled brightness to the engagement ring. This refreshing silhouette is ideal for a bride who wants to incorporate the ageless allure of a round cut diamond into a ring designed with a modern twist.

Find the Perfect Round Cut Engagement Ring at Azzi Jewelers

At Azzi Jewelers, we proudly showcase round cut engagement rings from the world’s top designers of exquisite bridal jewelry and offer a premium selection of GIA-certified diamonds to choose from. When you visit our luxury Lansing jewelry store, our staff can help you browse through our inventory and answer any questions you may have about the round cut rings we have in store. Call us today at (517) 332-7900 to speak with a member of our team!