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Discover the Beauty of a Diamond Anniversary Ring

May 21st, 2021

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Bridal jewelry is an important step for couples embarking on their journey of love but the fun doesn’t need to stop there. Anniversary rings can often be overlooked but are a wonderful way to express your ongoing love and commitment.

While these lovely pieces can be gifted for any anniversary, they are commonly given to commemorate a significant milestone, such as 10 or 25 years. The style chosen can vary from a simple diamond band to an ornately decorated piece, making them a wonderful way to express personal style along with your continued devotion.

How to Wear an Anniversary Ring

Anniversary rings can add an additional layer of beauty and sophistication whether stacked with a bridal set or worn separately on the right hand for a look all their own. They can be worn every day or brought out for special occasions.

A popular trend is matching rings for him and her because even though women love diamonds, men deserve a little elegance too! This trend is a great way to show that you are on this journey together and that your love is still as strong as the day you both said “I do.”

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How to Choose an Anniversary Ring

Choosing an anniversary ring is a matter of personal style. The ring can be designed to match her current engagement ring and wedding band or it can be in a different metal, stone, or design that stands out.

While there is no designation for what an anniversary ring needs to look like, wedding bands are often the first place to look. Choose from a slim band (always an elegant choice), a wider band (great for significant anniversaries), a simply adorned band, or one that is covered in stones. Anniversary rings can be single or intertwined ribbon designs, or intricately carved and decorated.

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Diamond Anniversary Ring Styles

Diamond bands are a classic look that always adds sophistication and never goes out of style. Popular settings include prong or pavé and can be cut to your preference but are commonly round or marquise cuts. (Pro tip – a great way to keep the look going is by matching the diamond cut and setting in the anniversary ring to that of the engagement ring for a cohesiveness that looks well thought out)

Nested Rings

A lovely way to wear your anniversary ring in a bridal stack is by placing your engagement ring in between a matching wedding band and anniversary ring. This creates a stunning diamond-heavy look that sparkles and shines. Curved and carved bands are also lovely style choices that draw attention to the eye, especially when paired with a ring stack, creating a look that speaks to a woman’s individuality.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are not only visually stunning with a continuous band of diamonds but they carry a deep meaning as well. They symbolize never-ending love, adding an endearing touch to a bridal stack that is already steeped in commitment. This makes the anniversary ring a perfect gift to show your wife that your shared love remains steadfast.

Precious Gemstone Rings

While diamonds are, as they say, a girl’s best friend, there are plenty of precious gemstones that can create a stunning look of their own. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are just some of the beautiful options that will add beauty and personality to any ring. When worn alone these rings create a beautiful look but when paired in a stack with diamonds, the contrast of brilliant colors creates an elegant look.

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