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Creative Valentine?s Day Engagement Proposals

February 1st, 2020

Creative Valentine’s Day Engagement Proposals

Countdown to Valentine’s Day

If you like spreading the fun out over multiple days, you can put together an exciting countdown to the big moment with 14 days of lovely gifts. Every day you can leave a heartfelt note or give them a little something special. Socks, pajamas, stuffed animals, and chocolate are just a few examples of the tokens of appreciation you can incorporate into your countdown to the big question. Once it’s Valentine’s Day, and you have the custom gold jewelry from a gold jewelry store, you can really surprise your significant other with a thoughtful proposal.

Heart Talk

Candy hearts are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day treats, and you can use these sweet little morsels to spell out your important message. Leave a trail of candy hearts leading to a display where you ask that crucial question and hopefully get a resounding yes! You can decorate the whole room or outdoor space with hearts to create an ultra-romantic setup for popping the question.

Winter Wonderland

Valentine’s Day does fall in the middle of winter, and if you live in a snowy climate, then you can use this stunning backdrop to your advantage. Take your special someone for a walk in the beautiful, wintery streets, and surprise her or him with a heart drawn in the snow or even “will you marry me?’ spelt out. It’s unexpected and unique, and that makes it a memorable proposal.

Mountain Moments

Speaking of winter, February is one of the best times to go skiing or snowboarding, if that’s something you’re into. If you and your significant other share a love of winter sports, you can use this as an opportunity to propose with a special Valentine’s Day outing. Ride the ski lift to the top and drop down to one knee for a wonderful proposal in a beautiful location.

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Love Notes

Do you remember those Valentine’s Day cards you used to bring to school to drop in all your friend’s boxes? Well, you can pick up a pack of those or make your own, writing out why you love your significant other and want to spend forever with them. Hide these little notes around the house or in a special place the two of you love to go together. You can use the final card to ask her or him to marry you!

Covered in Roses

One of the most romantic flowers is roses. The striking red color and beautiful scent make roses ideal for Valentine’s Day and a proposal in particular. Scatter rose petals all over the room and leave a trail so your loved one can find you waiting there on one knee to ask that life-changing question. This will be a sweet surprise that you and your loved one can always remember.

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