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Best Bracelets and Necklaces for Mother's Day Gifts

April 15th, 2022

On the second Sunday of May every year, we take a day to celebrate all the mothers out there. Whether they are our own mothers or other peoples’ mothers, we show our appreciation through gifts and brunches. There are few gifts better than jewelry. These luxurious and fashionable accessories elevate every outfit, and as such can be worn on every occasion. Bracelets and necklaces are especially good gifts that can be the centerpiece for one’s silhouette and can be worn with other pieces. Here are a few we recommend from our incredible selection at Azzi Jewelers.

Symbolic Style

Some pieces are made to be gifts as they exhibit sentimental and symbolic design elements. This allows them to showcase the bond between two people. These come in a myriad of styles and materials, so their aesthetic can be tailored to the tastes of the gift receiver. Do they like to showcase their femininity in a bold and spectacular fashion? Rose gold with diamond accents. Do they appreciate sophisticated, elegant designs? White gold and silver.

This Michael M diamond and gold necklace makes for an exquisite gift. With two intertwined rings that are each distinct in materials and design, they have a remarkably spectacular yet refined aesthetic. One ring exhibits dazzling diamonds, while the other is larger and features more gold.

Deep and Colorful Jewels

Gemstone necklaces are great presents for the bold and the daring. These pieces showcase jewels like deep blue sapphires, verdant green emeralds, fiery red rubies, stylish citrines, and much more. For an added, personal touch, it is recommended to utilize birthstones. People born in October have opals as their birthstone, for example.

This Zeghani sapphire and diamond necklace uses these elegant sapphires that contrast with the brilliant diamonds. This dramatic piece is a truly exquisite showstopper that is ideal for anyone who seeks to be a splash.

Tennis Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets make for excellent gifts. They can be stacked, mixed, and matched with their peers to make a magnificent display. Of course, they can also be worn alone for a fashionable and put-together ensemble. Tennis bracelets are especially marvelous. They are named after the famous incident in 1987 when American tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match.

This 14k diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful example of these classic pieces. A bracelet of peerlessly gorgeous diamonds and sophisticated white gold, it evokes a brilliant touch to any outfit.

Pretty Pearl Bracelets

While the necklace is the traditional medium for pearls, bracelets make for a sublime way to show off this miracle of nature. Pearls, with their inherently enchanting sheen, are always stylish and fashionable. When used in a bracelet, they exude an aura of rare gorgeous light.

This sterling silver and pearl bracelet makes for a wonderful luxury. It has minimalist sophistication and is perfect for those who prefer a more understated style.

Bracelets and Necklaces for Mother’s Day from Azzi Jewelers

At Azzi’s Jewelers, we have the selection you need to make this Mother’s Day better than ever. With a large inventory of fine designer jewelry, we not only have bracelets and necklaces, but also fashion rings, earrings, timepieces, and more. We love Lansing, Michigan almost as much as our mothers, so we are more than proud to keep this wonderful city fashionable. Contact our showroom at (517) 332-7900 to talk with one of our expert staff about our services and selections.