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Always Fashionable Jewelry Styles for Everyday Outfits

February 15th, 2022

Jewelry is beautiful. These marvelous accessories have been a mainstay of human life for eons and are prized for their aesthetic appeal. When imbued with precious metals and glittering gems, they become a luxury item designed to impress and stun the viewer. Their high esteem has led to a formal reputation that is reserved only for the most special of occasions. This is not true, however. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these finest luxury jewelry into everyday life. We have picked out a few styles that will make every outfit even more fashionable.

Spectacular Studs

Big things come in small packages. The stud earring is one such thing. While these pieces are small by convention and practical, they can pack quite a bit of fiery brilliance. A drop of a diamond can accentuate one’s whole face and provide more sparkle for every smile. They do not snag on hair or clothing, which makes them a smart choice for easy on-the-go maintenance.

These Zeghani Mother Nature Garden Earrings are an example of how much expression these simplistic pieces can provide. Their complex floral arrangement illustrated in diamonds is a true statement-maker, despite their relatively small size.

Start Hooping for Everyday Styles

Hoop earrings add class and flair to your look. Their geometric designs are attractive and frame the beauty of your face. Even in their most basic, ubiquitous gold hoop, they showcase considerable fashion through their fascinating form. Depending on their size, they can be functional as well by sticking closely to the ear.

Hoops come in many shapes and sizes. This regal set of Michael M earrings sports intricate 14k gold metalwork as well as diamond details. A wonderfully fashionable set that will work with many outfits.

Show Some Color

Bring vibrance to your fashion with colored gemstones. While gold and diamonds are an excellent combination, a more colorful choice adds vibrance to any outfit. They can match an outfit’s color scheme, or else be used to spruce up an otherwise monotone ensemble.

This lively white gold and emerald band by our in-house brand conveys elegance and sophistication with a radiant green. Its delicate white gold exudes luxury. Worn with a more modest outfit, this high-end piece will be sure to gain attention.

Be Bold With a Bracelet

The wrist is a canvas to support stunning bracelets. There are many kinds of bracelets, from the delicately famous tennis bracelet to the minimalist chain. For everyday outfits, it would be wise to wear something that fits well, so as to not snag and break.

A bracelet like this Michael M cuff does nicely. Its simplistic, abstract, and fascinating design makes it perfect for any occasion. With its elegant, precious metal frame, it is a great piece to wear with all attire.

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